Seniors Head For Deutschland

wurzburg_square_car_magnet_3_x_3Been to Germany yet? Stopped in Würzburg? Senior friends, today we are paying a visit  to that city in Germany’s Bavaria region, known for lavish baroque and rococo architecture.

Also known for its numerous wine bars, cellars and wineries, Würzburg is the center of the Franconian wine country, with its distinctive bocksbeutel, bottles with flattened round shapes.

The population of Würzburg runs right at 125,000 inhabitants who are surrounded by scenic hills and beautiful old historic buildings all along the river Main.

The Official Homepage for Würzburg can fill senior visitors in on what to see and do. The Must Sees from the ‘Visitors’  site on this page include the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Residence Palace, a Towering Fortress and an old bridge. The Christmas Market in Wurzburg is world famous as is Dirk Nowitzki, one of my favorite NBA basketball players with the Dallas Mavericks who was born in Wurzburg.


Senior Oenophiles Enjoy German Wine

Würzburg is located on both sides of the river Main but the main body of the town is on the eastern (right) bank of the river. For senior oenophiles, Würzburg is the capital of the German wine region Franconia which is famous for its mineralic dry white wines especially from the Silvaner grape.

The Würzburger Hofbräu brewery locally produces a well-known pilsner beer that might go well in this town along with the oldest Pizzeria in Germany. The University of Würzburg (official name Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg) was founded in 1402 and is one of the oldest universities in Germany.


The folks at TripAdvisor have 65 things to see and do in Würzburg. Unlike the Munich Residence, which evolved over some five hundred years and thus incorporates the styles of quite different periods, the Würzburg Residence was built in its entirety, with short interruptions, almost within a single generation.

Seniors Also Enjoy The Architecture

The interior of the residence holds the masterworks of Baroque/Rococo or Neoclassical architecture and art, including the grand staircase, the chapel, and the Imperial Hall. The building was reportedly called the “largest parsonage in Europe” by Napoleon.

 Seniors, enjoy your visit to Würzburg. Gute Reise. -jeb

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