Seniors Enjoy Bath, England


Why Bath? Well, this senior, his wife, daughter and plan to spend a few days in Bath later this year. I looked up Bath on Google and found it to be a fascinating city with a population of 88,000. The city is known for its Georgian classical architecture and its development as a Roman city called ‘Aquae Sullis’.

The presence of hot springs and easily worked limestone made it attractive to the Romans who built the original town which flourished for 400 years. Bath is perhaps the most perfectly preserved and harmonious English city, and that’s why we are going there. So get your coffee and let’s do a preview this morning…

1280px-Royal.crescent.aerial.bath.arpBath is a town set in the rolling countryside of southwest England, known for its natural hot springs and 18th-century Georgian architecture. The museum at the site of its original Roman Baths includes The Great Bath, statues and a temple; the facility’s Pump Room serves a popular afternoon tea. We hope to soak in the waters at the contemporary Thermae Bath Spa.

Seniors Find A City Of Elegance

Bath is loaded with awesome scenery, historical sites and museums. The city’s compactness and striking architecture – Roman baths, majestic Abbey and sweeping Georgian terraces – combine to produce one of the most elegant sights in all of Europe.


The city, however, is far more than museums and old buildings. It has a lively cultural scene with several festivals and all kinds of shows, concerts and exhibitions filling up the events calendar. This university town also has a vibrant nightlife, and the dining scene equals that of almost any other British city.

TripAdvisor suggests senior visitors start with Bath Abbey and offers 149 more attractions. PlanetWare noted that “Bath is widely considered one of Britain’s most attractive smaller cities. Bath is most famous for the archeological wonder from which it takes its name – the 2,000 year-old Roman baths.

Nestled in the Avon Valley between the Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills in the beautiful county of Somerset, Bath in the valley of the River Avon, is well known for its perfectly preserved honey-colored Georgian houses.”


 Seniors Enjoy World Heritage City

Bath was granted World Heritage Site status in 1987, one of only a handful of such locations in the UK.  Two sites senior travelers will not want to miss are the Circus and Royal Crescent, a half-moon formation of Georgian town houses. These famous architectural masterpieces rank up near the top along with the Roman Baths.

The fundamental part of the Roman Baths is the sacred spring. Hot water at a temperature of 460°C rises at the rate of 1,170,000 liters (240,000 gallons) every day.

Jane Austen fan? Visit the Jane Austen Centre to learn more about the enigmatic writer. But to truly appreciate the villages and fields that surround Bath, England, a stroll along the canal is the route to follow. Who knows, maybe you just might run into the three of us in Bath. -jeb

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