Seniors Go Small Village Hopping in France

I have always loved the smaller villages in France. They seem to be around every corner and are in all parts of the country. I am prone to enjoy most those that are found in Provence. A grand total of 155 villages across mainland France and two in Corsica have been awarded the prestigious ‘Most Beautiful Villages of France’ award and await senior citizen’s visits.
The villages are listed by region and there is a map showing where they are located to help senior travelers find those near your destination while you are touring France. Rent a car maybe with Europcar.  I have had good luck with them, they are big and found all over France.


Well, here’s another new URL for me called  They entitled their article “What are the most charming small towns in France with the best food experience?”  By great food experience Quora means a quality baker, butcher, great local cheese and sausages, and a quality restaurant close by (that last one doesn’t have to be in the village itself).

Seniors Seek Out Most Beautiful Villages of France

Here’s a list of the villages that senior citizens can bring up on their computers to visit online. I selected Séguret, I have been there with groups, Roussillon and then Vézelay. I love each one of them.

Each time seniors read a new site promoting these villages you will gain more expertise and information that will attract your interests. This site has some great pictures and additional villages discussed.

Collonges-la-Rouge is properly named because the whole village is red and Gordes has no equal. In Gordes I once met the head of the French communist party.

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France

The organization known as Les Plus Beaux Villages de France was founded back in 1982 by the then mayor Charles Ceyrac of Collonges-la-Rouge. This village became the first ever designated ‘Most Beautiful Village’. The aim of the founders was to protect some of the smaller villages of France that tended to be somewhat off the beaten track.

There are certain criteria that these villages must meet. For example, the population cannot exceed 2000 inhabitants and the village/hamlet must have at least 2 sites or protected monuments. Pardon the French, but this has some great shots of those best villages. Naomi murders the French in this video but shows some neat photos.

If you prefer the coast as does my wife, here are the top coastal towns. I heartily agree with every one of them. Oh, what the heck, check out some more. Every town I have ever been in on my trips to France was neat if you just look for the cool part and/or the old quarter.

That’ll keep you busy for a while. I must stop but not before I toss in one more site.  Just could not resist. Enjoy your visit to some of these marvelous small French villages, seniors.  jeb

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