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Familys’ Warm Memories Of Bath


The tearooms, a daily stop: Jolly’s, The Georgian Tearoom, The Pump Room and The Bath Bun.  The Pump Room in the Abbey Church Yard, “regarded as the social heart of Bath for centuries, this salon and ballroom still retains all the glory of its past.” And there are so many more in Bath that these seniors want to discover.

The Pump Room opens onto the Abbey Church Yard and on Sunday, the streets of Bath fill with street entertainers.

One that we particularly enjoyed was a piano player in the Abbey square.  If you look closely in the next picture you might see a green jacket.  The man in that jacket would be jeb. These seniors found the Bath Abbey a stunning masterpiece. And the pianist wasn’t bad either.

The Bath Abbey with the man in the green jacket.

The Bath Abbey with the man in the green jacket.

The gentleman in The Beau Nash silver antique store shared that until relatively recently all the buildings in the city were  black, thanks to the soot from all those chinmeys that this senior found so fascinating.

Apparently the city decided to clean house and underwent a citywide wash.  Underneath all the black was this lovely, soft, yellow limestone. Even the newer buildings were constructed with the Bath Stone.

jeb has trouble letting ‘fudge’ pass him by.  We walked past the Fudge Kitchen, then backed up.  ummm yes…it was good!

 These Seniors Discover Clotted Cream

Jeannine in the Bath Bun Tearoom with scones and clotted cream

Jeannine in the Bath Bun Tearoom with scones and clotted cream

Clotted Cream…I think I’d heard of it, but had no idea what it was other than some form of cream, probably. And then I tasted it.  Karen tasted it.  And we were ready to put it on anything that went into our mouths.

Neither of us were particularly fond of the English ‘tea and milk’, or coffee with milk. So we used clotted cream in our coffee when we could get our hands on it.

We smothered our scones with clotted cream. We added it to the little ‘tea sandwiches’. We dreamed of clotted cream.

I asked the host at the Bath Bun exactly what Clotted Cream was: Cream from Devonshire cows that was heated till it clotted.  It looked like velvety soft cream cheese and tasted heavenly.

She Finds Her Coffee Mug, He Finds His Book

The Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon

The Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon

My favorite take home souvenir is a coffee mug.  I started scouting out the coffee mugs the minute we arrived in Bath.  On this day, Sunday, I saw the mug.  Circled with pictures of Bath monuments, just the right size, my coffee tastes marvellous.  All I’m missing is the clotted cream!

When Karen’s class ended, we roamed the city together. Crossed the Pulteney Bridge daily, enjoyed the view down the River Avon. Met our guide to the Cleveland Pools under The Big Tree, and enjoyed a great walk to the pools.  Found another tearoom to enjoy, another great restaurant, soaked up the historic city and decided that

We will return to Bath one day….

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