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Bamberg, a Bavarian Treasure


I recently came across a site listing the Top Ten places to visit in any country.  Bamberg was #8 for Germany.  I had never heard of Bamberg so it was time for this senior to go exploring.

Bamberg is a town in Bavaria 40 miles north of Nuremberg. It is said to be one of Germany’s most beautiful old towns and a “Bavarian Treasure.”

It is located in Upper Franconia on the river Regnitz close to its confluence with the river Main. Its historic city center is a listed UNESCO world heritage site and as such, jeb would head there first to inspect this part of the city.

With a population of just over 70 thousand including 13 thousand students, the city has much to offer senior visitors. The Regnitz flows right through the middle of town before it flows on into the Main River. Senior visitors will find Bamberg to be a rare German city, having escaped Allied bombing during World War II. Thus it is in fine shape.


Seniors View Seven Hills And Seven Churches

Bamberg extends over seven hills, each crowned by a beautiful church. This has led to Bamberg being called the “Franconian Rome,” although a running joke among Bamberg’s tour guides is to refer to Rome instead as the “Italian Bamberg”.

The Old Town of Bamberg is listed as a World Heritage Site, primarily because of its authentic medieval appearance. One of the main attractions is the Bamberg Cathedral constructed  in 1237. Another is Michaelsberg Abbey built in the 12th century and is on the summit of one of Bamberg’s “Seven Hills.”


The Altenburg castle is a former residence for bishops and is highly popular with senior tourists. The Little Venice area bordering the river displays classic examples of half-timber construction and German architecture.

Bamberg can claim many historic anecdotes but perhaps most unique is its status as the final resting place of a Pope. This fact is unique because apart from Pope Clement II, no other Pope is buried north of the Alps.

Bamberg A UNESCO Heritage site

The lush green countryside around Bamberg is a charming setting for the seven-hilled town, and in 1993, two decades after the town celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of its founding, Bamberg was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


The historical fabric of the old town in Bamberg remains generally intact, with over 1000 buildings listed as protected monuments. But there’s more to Bamberg than architecture: with modern shops, a buzzing nightlife, nine breweries producing over 50 different types of beer, and active and varied cultural program including a world-class symphony orchestra, the town is a perfect place for a short break.

 Senior travelers, plan to spend a few days in Bamberg as you are exploring Germany.  You will find a town full of amenities that will remain with your memory for a long long time. jeb

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