Seniors Look At Beer Gardens

Senior Citizens may have already discovered some great Beer Gardens in the US but I’d like to share some of the best renown in the world.  There is more to rating a beer garden than by its beer.  There may be a retractable roof, huge German steins, fluffy pretzels, shady picnic tables, comfy patios, flaky pastries and more amenities that would be difficult to count.

The best beer gardens are selected by those who frequent such places and rate the many tap/draught beers by their flavor and high quality.  More and more gardens feature micro-brews that are gaining favor all over the country.  I’ll be that seniors will find some of those places right where you live.

Seniors, Let’s Go Exploring

I had a little help finding some classy beer gardens by Travel & Leisure, Huffington Post (with photos), About.com on the best in Munich and the Travel Channel with more great photos. My daughter and I even passed by a few in London.

So where might we find the real stand-outs right here at home? Let’s go exploring together. Here’s a nice little exploration site by Food & Wine that takes beer lovers to our finest gardens. I’ve discovered that there are always several that pop up on most every “best beer garden” site.  So go to GOOGLE and input: America’s Best Beer Gardens and seniors will find the same gardens listed over and over. That should tell us something.

To Highlight Just a Few…

Biergarten is in Frisco and Sheffield’s is in “The Windy City.” In NYC senior citizens will find La Birreria up on a rooftop. In The Big Apple you will also discover the oldest beer garden in NYC called Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. In Austin the Easy Tiger ranks #1 and in Atlanta it’s “Der Biergarten”. In “Bean Town” Sweet Cheeks Q (what a weird name huh?) is #1 and where seniors will pick up a heady smell of smoked meat to go along with your ale.

Want class? Head for the “Friendly City – Philly” and Drury Beer Garden in hip Midtown Village. It’s one classy place as the URL shows. Lowry Beer Garden in Mile High Denver boasts a new 8,000 square-foot space. Time to conclude, so we’ll finish our journey in search of the best in San Diego at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens. Wow, I can see how and why it’s on this listing.

A few more for you to consider as you traverse the globe in search of the best. So fire up the Old Beer Stein, take it off the shelf and bring it along to any one of these fine establishments, seniors.  If you enjoy good beer in a quality environment, you won’t be disappointed.  jeb

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