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Senior Dream Material: Chateaux For Sale

I recall on one of my tours to France, as a senior group leader, a lady in our group repeatedly asked me, ” is that chateau up there on the hill for sale?”  I always responded, “Je ne sais pas”… I didn’t know nor did I care.

Now I come across a site perfect for her. It has a whole series of châteaux for sale, in case you, like this other senior traveler several years ago, are seriously in the market for one.  And if you’re not, I hope this will do for you what it did for me, gave me good Sunday afternoon reading and dreaming material. I found the reference in Architectural Digest.

Let’s imagine that one of us senior citizens has just won the Power Ball drawing like a man did in Fountain Hills, AZ, walking away with $182 million. The first chateaux is listed for just $13.5M. Not bad:) Sarlat-La-Canada, set in the history-steeped region of Périgord Noir, was originally built in the 13th century. On the 170 acres of wooded grounds there are guesthouses and suites as well as equestrian facilities. Our Arabians could join us.  Moi, I just went for the kitchen.

In the Vaucluse

This is the part of France I love the most. Provence. From afar, this unique hillside structure appears to be an ancient Roman ruin, with tumbling tower walls and the remains of a drawbridge and moat. Yet this former 12th-century fortress is actually an exquisitely crafted contemporary home. You could go bowling in the living room. Oh yes, it was listed at only $5.8M.

Is 21,530 Sq Ft Enough?

Château d’Aubiry is a stunning example of Baroque design as conceived by the Danish architect Viggo Dorph-Petersen and is priced at a mere $26M. I found the dining room to be a “bit too much” but it is nice from the exterior. In Aix-en-Provence, my favorite city in France after Paris, you can settle in to 21,530 sq ft. for $12.3M. With a freestone exterior and a classical Louis XIV façade, this elegant 17th-century château is one of the most picturesque residences in Provence.

On 60 acres and with this salon, I just did not like “le look.” I’ve always loved round towers on any building and this one located just outside of Geneva is priced for only $37,500,000.  That’s a lot of zeros.

And, Seniors, Here’s a Real Steal

Called Le Petit Château with only 3,230 sq st. and priced at only $854,000 this one is has to be a steal. Of course you will be sleeping under a sort of attic, but it’s classy too. And here is a former feudal fortress from the 12th century with a rich military history priced at $4.2M. Just try furnishing this room.

The entire bunch is available for you to look at. Enjoy the tour and spending that Power Ball Jackpot. Don’t like spending that kind of cash for France? Then check out Sothebys listing of 136 pages of other realty that you may just find liking to your wallet.

Enjoy your day. jeb

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