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Seniors Look at Steve Glen’s Travel Predictions for 2013

Steve has a pretty good record going to date with 74% accuracy. He’s with a national travel newspaper of the travel industry called Travel Weekly. It’s a fun site for senior citizens to scan through to see what’s going on nationally with the travel industry. Some of Steve’s predictions may be just a little scary. A few are presently taking place as you as a seasoned traveler have experienced.

Let’s see how many you senior travelers agree with. Did you end up with more or less than his 74% accuracy. You may even want to add a few predictions to your own list.

So here they are:

Airlines will charge extra for using a credit card

More airlines will charge for carry-on bags

American Airlines and US Airways will merge

We will see the death of the $198 roundtrip airfare

Cigars anyone? Cuba will be opened to American travelers

The Internal Revenue Service will decrease the vehicle reimbursement rate to 50 cents a mile

A passport will soon be required to graduate from college

Four out of 10 hotel rooms will go empty

Missing a connecting flight could keep you stranded in an airport for up to four days

Companies will tell employees to “carry-on” and will stop reimbursing for baggage fees

Airlines will simply stop answering the phone during a blizzard

Business travelers will move back to the Marriott from the Hampton Inn

Airplanes will become shopping malls in the sky

All-inclusive resorts will be launched in Hawaii and the U.S.

Airfares to Europe will continue to shock you this summer

Alaska cruises will be selling fast

Juneau, Alaska

“Bleisure” trips offer two-for-one experiences

Italy, Ireland, Germany, France and Greece will continue to be top European destinations

European vacations will become longer

Credit cards will start charging a fee to convert points to miles

Frequent flyer miles will become almost impossible to redeem later this year

Comfort and safety will be king


The University of Nebraska’s football team will win the Big 10 football championship. The Cornhuskers will bring back the winning tradition that made us the “Big Red.” Well, hope springs eternal.

You can read the specifics here.

And life goes on.  Yes, we, senior citizens will continue to travel whether these predictions come to pass or not.  That is my prediction for 2013.  Happy planning and happy traveling my friends,  jeb

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