Seniors Stroll Under World Famous Tree Tunnels

Senior citizens, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a stroll through some of the oldest and most fascinating trees that have graced the landscape for thousands of years. Tree tunnels are not new. They exist all over the world, but there are a few that stand out above all the others.

It takes a certain variety of tree to form a tunnel.  Some of the most beautiful trees on the planet make up these tunnels. Yes, trees, the longest-living organisms on Earth, beautify and protect our environment by providing color, shelter, and shade. They renew our air supply by soaking up carbon dioxide and producing oxygen and they make nice tunnels.

Seniors Enjoy the Top Ten Tree Tunnels

We start off with #10, the Cherry Blossom Tunnel in Germany. Number nine goes to a neat green tunnel from Porto Alegre, Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in Brazil.  According to a decree signed in 2006 by former mayor Joseph Fogaça, this beautiful street is part of the country’s historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage.

The Autumn Tree Tunnel is found in Vermont that is in Smuggler’s Notch, a Vermont state park. Around 65,000 ginkoes grace Tokyo’s streets, gardens and parks today and the Ginko Tree Tunnel is widely renown.  The Gingko biloba is a highly venerated tree in Japanese culture. Six ginkgo trees survived the Hiroshima bombing, continuing to grow despite facing so many challenges, and are still alive today. The tunnelseniors see in Tokyo is located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine. You’ll find the Yew Tree Tunnel in the medieval Aberglasney House that features one of the most beautiful gardens in Wales.

The Dark Hedges Tunnel in Northern Ireland is tucked away in the county of Antrim. These beautiful beech trees are thought to be over 300 years old. The Bamboo Path Tunnel in Japan, part of The Sagano Bamboo Forest is located in Arashiyama, a nationally designated historic site near Kyoto. The Tunnel of Love Tunnel in the Ukraine is actually a two-mile sector of private railway that serves a woodworking plant near Klevan, a small city located in western Ukraine.

The Jacaranas Walk Tunnel in South Africa makes up just a very few of the 10 million trees that keep South Africa’s largest city green. According to several unofficial sources, Johannesburg is home to the world’s largest man-made forest and where senior visitors will find at least 49 species of Jacaranda. The Wisteria Tunnel blooms as soon as the cherry blossom season ends, with gorgeous Wisteria flowers, that hang in grape-like clusters. The Fuji Matsuri, or Wisteria Festival, is celebrated each spring in Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Okazaki. They too are nothing short of awesome.

So look over these photos and see how many you can identify. Hope you enjoyed this little tour of tree tunnels and some other noted varieties.  jeb



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