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Seniors Vote For Favorite 8th Wonder

I just came across this site sponsored by Virtual Tourist and wanted to pass it on to you senior world travelers.  This makes for a fun and interesting Sunday morning read, in my opinion. I voted (the first time) for the Badlands.  You can vote ONCE PER DAY.  It’s open from June 3 through September 30.  So have fun just looking at all the possibilities. And maybe cast a vote or two.

Among the many great sites that I would consider are: The Alhambra and the Alcazar in Spain, which my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing a few years ago. Banff National Park, the Bay of Fundy and the Cahokia Mounds, none of which I’ve visited.  The Biltmore Estate, Bisbee Arizona, Buenos Aires City all of which I’ve seen and thoroughly enjoyed. Cathedral Rock in Sedona is stunning.

Copper Canyon, Arches National Park are on our list for this summer.  Fallingwater is on my bucket list.  Fountains of Bellagio were  entertaining. Galapagos Islands is another bucket list item for my wife.  Gardens of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park are  Colorado destinations that we’ve experienced. The Giant Sequoia Trees are an awesome site. Glacier National Park was a camping destination for my family when our kids were young and the memories are golden.

Truck Stop World Wonder?

The Iowa I-80 Truck Stop is just plain interesting and a ‘must’ stop for these seniors as we travel back to our home state. My wife gets her DQ fix here.  Lake Tahoe, London, The Matterhorn, Mount Rushmore (awesome site), Niagara Falls (breath-taking), Old Quebec (on our to-visit list), Old Town Dubrovnik,  Plymouth Rock (yes, we’ve been there), Redwood National Park, Santorini, Sonoma County, Stonehenge (interesting mystery), Sunset Strip, The Blue Lagoon, The Everglades, The Vieux Carré in New Orleans, Monticello, Tulum and Uluru. I just about ran out of breath doing this part folks.

Well, that does it. Senior travelers can access them all with the Virtual Tourist link above.  How many of these sites have you personally seen on your travels?  I have seen a few and each one of them rates #1 with me. Wouldn’t it just be something if we seniors could view all of them up close ourselves?  Some of Virtual Tourist’s choices did not resonate well with me.  I will not tell you which ones. You do the same and see if maybe, just maybe  you come up with the same idea.

Anyway, most all are magnificent and worthy of the 8th Wonder selection. Enjoy your coffee and have fun investigating this list of great sites.  jeb



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