Senior Discovers “World Reviewer”

It has been said that…”Every now and then a blind pig finds an acorn.”  That’s me.  This senior stumbled upon a neat website but don’t ask me how I found it. It just suddenly “appeared.”  Serendipity personified.   Serendipity is the word that has been voted as one of the ten words in the English language that was most difficult to translate. It is simply a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated.

Anyway…World Reviewer is a treasure trove and provides many helpful travel links for all ages. They feature the latest holiday ideas, the best the world has to offer, travel experiences recommended by their experts, latest holiday ideas, latest experiences and selected categories. Senior travelers may choose a holiday idea, a location, and a theme all in one.

The folks who produced the site have traveled to the far corners of the globe, from Afghanistan to Argentina, from Tahiti to Baku. They believe the experience of finding ideas and planning your holiday online should be fun, which is why they are using the latest technology – thousands of stunning flickr images, the latest google mapping, videos imported from YouTube and Geobeats, and fun tools like a weather map, or their “experience of the day.”

Senior Travelers Find Inspiration for Next Trip

World Reviewer is all about finding inspiration for the senior traveler’s next holiday. They’ve gathered together hundreds of the world’s top travel experts to recommend the best holiday ideas and travel experiences all over the world; and to help you get to them, they’ve made a comprehensive list of all the best travel companies and specialists too. From trekking in the Himalaya to a cooking course in Tuscany, from whale watching in the Azores to ballooning in Namibia. World Reviewer is creating the best range of experiential travel on the web.

Their search site lets seniors find whatever you might be interested in for your next trip. They describe the Dominican Republic’s northern coast where I have spent some quality time. The Dominican is best known for its beautiful beaches, tasty rum and quality cigars. I liked the part about the quality cigars.

The best Christmas markets are said to be in Germany and Austria.  They offer Christmas Markets and Christmas Holidays all over the world.

I leave you with a “find” on train travel from  Traveling by train in Provence offers many advantages; not least because the journey actually feels like part of the vacation. Provence is a region in southern France, immortalized in countless films and books, conjuring up images of sleepy villages, boules, rustic cuisine and robust wines, plus it’s one of my most favorite places in the world.

Here are the latest other videos and offers including Maui, Verona, Malta and Santa Lucia. What a find!  Enjoy your search. jeb



2 comments to “GRAB A CUP OF COFFEE…”

  1. Sylvia Jordan says:

    Nice post. I’m sure that senior travellers, just like us in the younger generation, love to travel. I’m actually saving up money so I can treat my parents for a holiday in the Mediterranean region. Can you recommend a good travel site that provides great deals for senior travellers?

  2. Ariana Louis says:

    I’ve only found a few articles about senior citizen travel, and yours is one of the most helpful ones. You see, my parents bought a flight to Greece from Travel Republic for their 40th anniversary celebration. I’m quite apprehensive because they’re, well, at the prime of their lives. Is Greece senior-citizen friendly? Do you have tips regarding senior-citizen travel to Greece? Thanks!

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