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Seniors Find ‘The Oasis of Texas’

del-rio-texasDel Rio, “The Oasis of Texas,  with a population of 40,500, senior travelers will find by driving west of San Antonio for 150 miles. Del Rio is connected with Ciudad Acuña which is located in the Mexican state of Coahuila south of the Rio Grande River. This metropolitan area is also known as “Tierra de la Amistad”.

Del Rio is home to Laughlin Air Force Base, the busiest United States Air Force pilot training complex in the world. Del Rio’s growth got a huge boost when the Amistad Dam and Reservoir was built on the Rio Grande River in 1969. Built for flood control, irrigation, power, and recreation, today, it is a major recreational area.

Del Rio thrives with a ranching economy of primarily Angora goats and sheep, supplemented by tourism, trade with Mexico, and the Air Force military base with a population of 1,650.

Senior Visitors Seek Out The Amsted National Recreational Area


Del Rio was originally known as San Felipe Del Rio however the name was shortened to Del Rio by the USPD in 1883. The city of Del Rio can trace its history back to the 17th century, when Spanish colonists unsuccessfully attempted to settle the north and south side of the Rio Grande.

San Felipe Creek provided ample water for farms, orchards, and vineyards thanks to its many springs. Today, these springs feed millions of gallons of water into the creek, creating Del Rio’s pristine swimming holes, including Blue Lake and Horseshoe Park.

The Amistad National Recreational Area is a major draw for senior visitors. The beautiful blue water Lake Amistad was formed when the Rio Grande was dammed in 1969 and encompasses around 70,000 surface acres, which are shared between both Mexico and the United States.


History and Art abound in Del Rio. Justice of the Peace Judge Roy Bean is buried in Del Rio. See if you can find his tombstone.

 Seniors Enjoy Bass Fishing, Cave Art and Bull-Riding

Senior visitors can enjoy The Whitehead Memorial Museum, a western museum complex in downtown Del Rio. Don’t miss the huge Star of Texas made totally out of diamondback rattlesnake tails. Val Verde Winery is the oldest continuously running winery in Texas established in 1883 by Italian immigrant Frank Qualia.


Lake Amistad has some of the best bass fishing in Texas and the area is rich in archeology and rock art, and contains a wide variety of flora and fauna. Del Rio is home to the George Paul Memorial Bull-Riding, the oldest stand-alone bull riding event in the world.

Senior explorers can examine some of the oldest Native American cave paintings in North America and savor a glass of cabernet sauvignon or Sangiovese at the oldest winery in Texas.

Del Rio, Texas is an all-year vacation destination ideally suited for those seniors who love to explore the great outdoors. Enjoy Del Rio. -jeb

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Seniors Visit Bloomfield

Unknown My wife bought a small jar of mustard that was made in Bloomfield, New Jersey. I just had to follow the path to this town so see what all is there that might attract senior visitors, besides Colman’s Mustard.

Bloomfield’s population is around 48,000. Senior visitors will find the township 2 miles north of East Orange, 5 miles north of Newark and only 20 minutes from New York City.

Bloomfield College, a liberal arts college founded in 1868, is located in downtown Bloomfield near the town green. The college has approximately 2,000 students.

 Seniors Visit A Confectionery, A Cemetery and An Estate


Three of the major attractions seniors can enjoy include Glendale Cemetery, Holsten’s Brookdale Confectionery (filming location of the final scene in the final episode of The Sopranos) and the Oakes Estate, constructed in 1895, and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

A host of notable people were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Bloomfield. One that I remember well is the singer Connie Francis. Let’s let Facebook help fill in your itinerary.

The local Historical Society of Bloomfield is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and will be scheduling a number of events. Bloomfield is loaded with landmarks, and has an interesting downtown.


Seniors, if you travel with your dog, stop at Brookdale Dog Park, an off-leash facility that is part of Brookdale Park, which in turn is part of the Essex County Parks system.

 Seniors Stroll Through Brookdale Park

TripAdvisor suggests that visitors start off with a visit to Brookdale Park and then on to Yellow Plum with a great menu. Going through the Park is a circular, one way road, with three roads leading out of the park. There are many entrances for pedestrians.


Before Brookdale was a park, the area was used by the First Nations Lenape Native Americans, later known as the Delaware, as a planting/gathering ground. It is an opportunity for a stroll that will be memorable.

Senior “birders,” Brookdale Park offers over 200 acres of varied wildlife habitat and hosts a great number of bird species. Sightings range from the small and common house sparrow to the occasional Wild Turkey. Visit ebird for Brookdale’s Hotspot list of bird sightings recorded by the local birders.

So set your GPS for Bloomfield, a dynamic town that offers many attractions and fun things to do: parks, theater, sports, history, golf courses. Enjoy your visit. -jeb

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Seniors Choose A Stop In Heber Springs


Heber Springs, seniors learn, was initially called Sugar Loaf. This the seat of Cleburne County, Arkansas, has a population of around 7,250. Founded by Max Frauenthal, in 1881, who bought land and founded the Sugar Loaf Springs Company, he plotted a town site which was incorporated as “Sugar Loaf” on October 4, 1882.

Frauenthal chose the name Cleborne County to honor Confederate General Patrick Cleburne, who was killed in the Battle of Franklin in 1864. In 1910, Sugar Loaf’s name was changed to Heber Springs in order to avoid confusion with another Sugar Loaf whose post office was named after Sugar Loaf Mountain.

f576a7b6b3e5ab48dd348b248987b4b4Let’s explore Heber Springs a bit, starting off with TripAdvisor’s suggestion of a sport called Cliff Jumping. Not me! Could you jump off a cliff and hit the water 50 feet below? Sounds like Navy Seal training to me.

 Senior Fishermen, Take Note

The list of attractions in Heber Springs is long and impressive. One of their major events is Springfest. It is one of the largest fireworks shows in Arkansas on Greers Ferry Lake. The World Championship Cardboard Boat Race packs the house.

Toss in your best fishing rod and try your luck in matching two world-record catches on Greers Ferry Lake and one world record on the Little Red River. With fish this large, it’s understandable why senior anglers are attracted to the region.

lake fishing

Al Nelson of Higden started the action in 1982 with a 22-pound, 11-ounce walleye. Jerald C. Shaum of Shirley added a 27-pound, five-ounce hybrid striped bass in 1997. Those are what I call Big Ones. Bridal Veil Falls is a beautiful scenic spot not to be missed.

Seniors Like Historic Downtown

The historic downtown district includes a stately county courthouse with the traditional square. Senior visitors can also enjoy a museum, antique shops, restored theater and Spring Park, with its mineral springs that attracted the original settlers.


Greers Ferry Lake is known for great fishing and water recreation. Camping, cabins and world-class resorts overlook one of the state’s most popular lakes.

The Little Red River is internationally known as the home of the world-record (40-pound, four-ounce) brown trout, another whopper. Trout resorts and outfitters are available. The lake and river have served as national models for environmental cleanliness.


 Spring Park attracted settlers to Heber Springs in the 1830′s and is named after it’s natural springs which are covered by pavilions and accessible throughout the park. It is a popular spot for senior travelers. The Park is found right in the heart of town and next door to some great shopping, dining and lodging.

Spring Park is home to many festivals throughout the year including Spring Fest and Old Settler’s Days. Settle into Heber Springs and enjoy the  amenities the town offers. -jeb

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Seniors Make A Visit to Pinedale

Document Pinedale is an important hunting outfitting town, an authentic western town and a gateway to the Wind River Mountains. This senior loves visiting those smaller towns and Pinedale fits right in.

In 1904, John F. Patterson proposed establishing a town in the Green River Valley along Pine Creek in western Wyoming, in what then was still part of Fremont County. Pinedale was named after a post office on a ranch of Charles Peterson and Robert Graham. The boundary line set by the ranchers became Pine Street and Patterson earned recognition as the founder of Pinedale.


En route to Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone is Pinedale, Wyoming on Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway. It’s a must for adventurous travelers who want to experience the vast expanses of three mountain ranges.

The Wind River Mountains boast Wyoming’s highest summit, Gannett Peak. The scenic drive opens the door to a destination rich in historic pioneer trails and cultural attractions.

Seniors Enjoy the Wildlife


 Seniors Visitors can enjoy the Museum of the Mountain Man, Green River Rendezvous Days, White Pine Ski Area, and the Town Park System along the Pine Creek Corridor in the middle of town.

Pinedale and the surrounding area are home to a large population of wildlife including both grizzly and black bear, moose, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions. Over seven species of trout can be found in the area lakes.

Senior visitors can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, boating, four-wheeling, hunting, skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice fishing. You might enjoy a Google Maps tour of Pinedale.


 Pinedale’s Great Outdoors Unequaled

Pinedale is also near several large natural gas fields, including the Pinedale Anticline and Jonah Field. When the energy boom hit this small town in 2007, the town benefited while experiencing the challenges: increased traffic, population, and demands on the town’s resources.

During the late 1800s, tourists came to enjoy horse pack trips, fishing and hunting in the beautiful nearby mountains. Great herds of Hereford and Black Angus cattle roamed on area ranches in the Green River Valley, some of which were established before the town itself. Ranchers and cowboys, along with their families, were among the early settlers of the region.

Fall, Green River Lakes

Pinedale’s great outdoors are unequaled. Senior visitors will experience the vast expanses of the towering Wind River Range, the beauty of the region’s 1,300 lakes, forests, rivers, wilderness, and wildlife. Pinedale is situated on the edge of the Bridger Wilderness, a vast recreational playground, 3.4 million acres, that’s only minutes from town.

Plan a drive to Pinedale and enjoy every minute. -jeb


Seniors Make A Stop In West Allis

unknown West Allis, a city that senior travelers will find five miles west of Milwaukee derives its name from Edward P. Allis whose company was a large Milwaukee-area manufacturing firm in the late 19th century.

In 1901, the Allis Company became Allis-Chalmers, and in 1902 built a large new manufacturing plant west of its existing plant. The locale in which the new plant was constructed was at the time called North Greenfield, and prior to the 1880s had been called Honey Creek. With the building of the western Allis plant, the area became the City of West Allis in 1906.

The Wisconsin State Fair Park, which includes the Milwaukee Mile is the site of the annual Wisconsin State Fair held in August, and located in West Allis. Facebook is a good link for suggestions on visiting a museum, a park, where to shop and good choices for dinner.


 Festivals And Celebrations Attract Senior Visitors

National Night Out held in July is an annual crime prevention event sponsored by Aurora West Allis Medical Center. This community festival is designed to strengthen neighborhood spirit, and promote crime and drug prevention awareness.

Senior visitors can enjoy some of the celebrations that take place all year long in West Allis that include the Cinco de Mayo Springfest, the Harvest Fair & World Beef Expo and the Gi Wise Gises Pow Wow.

The Milwaukee Area Technical College calls West Allis home. Nearby, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University provide additional educational opportunities.


 Voted ‘Best Place to Raise Your Kids’

A local realtor notes that West Allis was voted  the “Best Place to Raise Your Kids” in the Milwaukee area by Business Week for 2010.  West Allis prides itself as a community with “strong principles of family and work.”

West Allis was named Winner in the 2016 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management. West Allis goes all out for Independence Day and makes the celebration last for several days. Activities include the Breakfast of Champions, an event that honors either West Allis high school students for their achievements or West Allis veterans.


The Wisconsin Exposition Center hosts a wide variety of great events. Donald Trump helped to put West Allis on the map when he visited the city on Sunday, April 3, 2016 for an event held at the Nathan Hale High School Gym.

Seniors will discover an attractive, active city. Take a look at the events for next year and plan a stop in West Allis during one of these celebrations and enjoy! -jeb

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Seniors Settle Into Terrell

635846179744519117-2103482492_screen-shot-2015-12-01-at-8-52-24-pmTerrell invites senior visitors  to experience the charm of their gracious older homes or to shop in a modern outlet mall and to take in the turn of the century downtown. 

Located 32 miles east of Dallas, Terrell has a population of around 16,000. Terrell, Texas developed as a railroad town, in 1873 with construction of the Texas and Pacific Railroad line. The town gets its name from Robert A. Terrell, a pioneer European-American settler whose farm lay on the western edge of the community.

Terrell built an octagonal house on his property, called a “Round House”, to provide better defense against attacks by Native Americans. His house was later fitted with the first glass windows in the county. Terrell was incorporated in 1875 and later the first automobile appeared in town in 1899.


The Terrell Military College was established, operating until after World War II. Its campus sat on part of the former Terrell farm and incorporated his historic Round House.

During World War II, the No. 1 British Flying Training School (BFTS), was located in Terrell. It was the first of six civilian flight schools in the United States dedicated to instructing British Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots during that war.

 Seniors Enjoy Historic Homes


The nearby Lake Tawakoni State Park is spread over 376 acres of land and has a swimming beach, picnic areas, hiking trails, and facilities for camping and boating. Southwestern Christian College is the local institution of higher education.

Senior visitors will find several beautiful historic homes in Terrell. This senior really liked the Matthew Cartwright House, built by banker and rancher Matthew Cartwright. It is a large and ornate Victorian mansion begun in 1883, with additions in 1894, 1922 and 1940.

Look what TripAdvisor has lined up for you. Facebook highlights places to stay, where to eat, local landmarks and museums.

Seniors Enjoy The Heritage Jubilee

348s The Terrell Heritage Jubilee, an annual festival featuring three days filled with family fun, offers a carnival, live performances and arts and crafts vendors. Senior visitors can can also catch the pig races or ranch rodeo, stroll through the car and motorcycle show and a quilt show. There is also a BBQ cook-off and the Fountain 5K Run.

The Jubilee traces its origins to a livestock show first held in 1981. In subsequent years the show added entertainment, games, contests and food. Heritage Jubilee retains the western flavor of the original livestock show. Entertainment includes trick ropers, gun fighters, horses, and a cowboy poet. Great fun for everyone.

The Wade Indoor Arena is well known for events dealing with horses. The Terrell State Hospital is an abandoned insane asylum in Terrell and loaded with history. Lastly, the Thrillvania Haunted House Park, with 3 haunted attractions, including the world famous Verdun Manor, is an experience not to be missed, that is…if you are up to it.

You will enjoy Terrell. -jeb

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Seniors Learn About Carson

images Senior travelers will find Carson, with a population around 92,000, 13 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Carson is primarily a manufacturing community. After decades of existence unincorporated, Carson was finally incorporated as a city in 1968 when its citizens took to the polls and voted to do so by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.

On that same date, by a much narrower vote, the citizens chose the name Carson for their new city over the name Dominguez, the two leading family names in the city’s history.


Following its incorporation, Carson acted quickly to enforce a strict landscaping and building code, resulting in modernizations and improvements in the city’s industrial parks and overall appearance.

Carson is famous for hosting the very first air show ever held in the United States. Known as the “Great Air Meet”. It took place in 1910, just seven years after the Wright Brothers made their first flight near Kitty Hawk. The site where this show took place has since been declared a California Historical Landmark.

Seniors Find A Vibrant City In Carson


TripAdvisor suggests that senior visitors not miss the International Printing Museum and the nearby Porsche Experience Center, a 53-acre facility and road handling course, one of only five such sites in the world.

Seniors can also check out the StubHub Center, a multiple-use sports complex located on the campus of California State University that was founded in 1960. 

The City Council notes that Carson is a vibrant city with a small town atmosphere where relationships are important. This is clearly visible throughout the community, from stable single family neighborhoods, which make up nearly eighty percent of the city’s residences, to the partnership between business and volunteer driven agencies which strengthen the city’s remarkable social fabric.

 Seniors Check Out The Home Depot Center


The Home Depot Center  includes a 2,450 seat velodrome for world class cycling competitions. The Center also serves as a training facility by the U.S. national soccer team. The huge entertainment and sports venue features world class musical acts, soccer, futbol, and a variety of shows in an outdoor amphitheater seating thousands.

When driving through Carson on the San Diego Freeway the most noticeable landmarks are the huge oil refineries and the landing field of the Goodyear Blimp, the huge blue icon of the region.

This Los Angeles County suburb is full of charm, history, and offers a variety of shopping and dining options. Seniors, pay a visit to Carson when you are in the Los Angeles area, you may even get to see the Goodyear Blimp. -jeb

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 Seniors Check Out Waban

hqdefaultWaban is one of the thirteen villages of Newton, Massachusetts, a suburban city that seniors will find approximately seven miles from downtown Boston.

Waban was named for Waban, the first Massachusetts Indian converted to Christianity, in 1646. Although Waban lived in Nonantum, a hill in the northeasternmost part of Newton, the area around the present village of Waban was a favored hunting ground.

Established in 1889, the Waban Improvement Society, comprised all who live and/or work in Waban, promotes any activity intended to improve Waban and fosters a sense of community.

Seniors Hear Of Annual Progressive Dinner

Strong's_Block,_Waban_MA Waban has a small commercial center along Beacon Street surrounding the MBTA Green Line station. The transit-oriented village primarily contains locally-owned businesses serving the surrounding neighborhood. While the village is closely related to Newton, Waban is  considered the “Cultural Capital” of Middlesex County.

The Waban Improvement Society’s Annual Progressive Dinner is one of the  most popular and cherished new traditions. Everyone is treated to an evening of new and renewed friendships, the warm hospitality of neighbors, delicious cuisine and delightful conversation in one another’s homes.

 Seniors Enjoy Waban’s Celebrations


Waban Village Day is another big celebration for all the locals. Village Day is a traditional Spring celebration on closed- off streets in Waban Square.  Waban Lights and Tree Lighting is a celebration of the holiday season. Residents gather for hot chocolate, a sing- a -long and a tree lighting.

An additional tradition is annual mulching where residents spread city supplied mulch around Waban Square. Village pride is part of the culture of Waban. The physical appearance of Waban Square today is little different from what it was half a century ago.


For its size, Waban is loaded with beautiful homes, a thriving downtown, and parks. The Frederick H. Henshaw home still stands in its magnificent setting and senior visitors enjoy taking photos of this awesome structure. Lake Waban invites visitors to settle in and enjoy a stroll or a picnic on its shores.

Waban culture is displayed on streets signs honoring the first settlers in Waban: Wamesit, Annawan, Nehoiden, Elliot and Locke.

So seniors, set your GPS for Waban and enjoy the variety of amenities this village has to offer. -jeb

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 Seniors Discover Cookeville


Cookeville, with a population around 31,000, is the  seat of Putnam County and home to Tennessee Technological University, senior travelers to Tennessee learn.

The city was named in honor of Richard Fielding Cooke, a state senator. Many of the first settlers in what would become Putnam County came from Virginia and North Carolina via the Walton Road in the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s.


Most of these settlers were of English and Scotch-Irish descent.  Putnam County was named in honor of Israel Putnam, a general in the Revolutionary Army.

Seniors Find “Land of Lakes”

Known as the “Hub of the Upper Cumberlands,” approximately 25,000 people travel to Cookeville daily to work, shop, or attend school. Toss in your clubs and play a round or two at Cookeville Golf and Country Club or Belle Acres Golf Club. Cookeville hosts the Putnam County Fair every August, the Fall FunFest in September and an annual city fun for the Fourth of July.


Cookeville could be called “Land of Lakes” as there are three man-made lakes maintained by the Corps of Engineers located near Cookeville. They were created to help flood control in the narrow valleys of the Cumberland Plateau. Center Hill Lake, Cordell Hull Lake, and Dale Hollow Lake.

Two smaller man-made lakes, City Lake and Burgess Falls Lake, lie along the Falling Water River, which flows through the southeastern part of the county. Cane Creek Lake, created by an earthen dam built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, lies in the western part of Cookeville.

cummings falls

TripAdvisor has eighteen things for senior visitors to check out beginning with Cummins Falls State Park, the Cookeville Deport Museum and Dogwood Park.  Seniors, have you ever seen Dogwoods in full bloom?  They are awesome, colorful and beautifully scented.

Seniors Find Great Outdoors

Seniors who are looking for a great place to keep in shape, Cookeville’s a natural. You will find hills, trails, caves, lakes and streams, with surroundings that invite hikers, cavers, bikers, climbers, spelunkers and horseback enthousiasts.

Manufacturing is the largest sector in Cookeville’s economy with over 100 plants and 8,000 employees. In 2006 Oreck Manufacturing, the vacuum people, moved their Long Beach, Mississippi plant to Cookeville after Hurricane Katrina. Facebook suggests places to eat, stay, and shop.


Cookeville, simply said…is a “Great Place to Be!” The City Square at night is a great place for some memorable photos. The city is recognized as the largest micropolitan area in Tennessee, making the small community a vibrant hub of activity.

Seniors, Cookeville, the hub of the 14-county Upper Cumberland region, is surrounded by stunning scenery, from hills, rivers, and waterfalls. So enjoy all that this area has to offer. -jeb


Seniors Enjoy Desert Town In California


Senior visitors will find Victorville at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert in the Victor Valley of western San Bernardino County, California. The city is situated 82 miles northeast of Los Angeles, and is surrounded by the nearby communities of Adelanto, Apple Valley, and Hesperia. Its estimated population is around 122,000.

Back in 1885, the community was known simply as Victor. It was named after Jacob Nash Victor, a construction superintendent for the California Southern Railroad (Santa Fe Railroad). Kind of like my hometown back in Iowa that was named after a railroad engineer.

U.S Route 66 connected to the town in 1926, and the army established an air base in 1941. Seniors, have you ever traveled on Route 66?

 Seniors Visit A Route 66 Museum


Senior visitors to the city can take advantage of a wide variety of activities, including mountain skiing, water sports, and access to the vast array of attractions in Southern California and the city of Los Angeles.

Victorville boasts the California Route 66 Museum, a repository of artifacts and photographs chronicling the history of the storied national highway and the communities it served. I visited a Route 66 Museum in Kingman, Arizona that was full of history and souvenirs. A fun visit.

The Fire Museum in Victorville houses a collection of fire fighting equipment and memorabilia including exhibits dating from the 1930s, depicting the history of the Victorville Fire Department.


A celebrated spring event in Victorville is the San Bernardino County Fair, a festival replete with carnival rides, celebrity concerts, livestock competitions, and every other county fair activity.

Arts and entertainment can be found in the city’s Performing Arts Center. Sports fans can root for the High Desert Mavericks, a Class Triple-A minor league baseball team affiliated with Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners.

Seniors Find An Aircraft Graveyard

Where do old jumbo jets go when they die? To the aircraft graveyard in Victorville. Facebook makes suggestions for dining, landmarks and activities you might enjoy.


Victorville offers beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, from its location in the High Desert. The shopping mall is  a big draw not only for the locals but for senior visitors as well.

Toss in the clubs and play a round or two at the Green Tree Golf Course. The High Desert Center for the Arts on 8th Street features a theater for performances and drama workshops, plus an art gallery.

TripAdvisor lists 19 things not to be missed. So seniors, when you are in the area, make a stop at Victorville and explore. -jeb

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