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Seniors, Take a Good Look at This Opportunity

Semester at Sea (SAS) out of the University of Virginia takes 600 students from around the world each semester.  Most people don’t know that they also take about 30 senior citizens.  You can attend classes, use the library and the internet with the students and enjoy the faculty lounge with the “grown-ups”.

This rewarding and stimulating way to travel allows you spend 5 days or so in each port and the lectures leading up to each port are geared to make the most of your stay. In port, senior students can travel independently, on ship sponsored tours or stay on the ship each night, doing day trips. Of course instructors are also on board and you can mix and mingle with them as well.

Spend Your Summer Sailing

Seniors, this may just be a real opportunity for you to stay young, join the University of Virginia SAS group and go sailing for an entire semester.  You have already missed the first boat that left on January 09 and returns April 25. The next one will leave on June 17 and returns August 22.

The 66-day voyage now spans 9 countries and 12 ports across the Mediterranean, North Africa and 3 overland ports: Italy (Livorno/Civitivecchia); France/Spain (Marseille/Barcelona), and Spain/Portugal (Cadiz/Lisbon), enabling senior participants to spend as many as 6 days exploring a country or region. How does that sound to you? Note that SAS is proud to be sponsored by the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education.

A Senior Learning Adventure

Educational travel lies at the heart of the SAS experience. Utilizing more than 50 years of expertise in the field of international educational travel, SAS provides a host of explorations in the more than 40 destinations visited each year. Field programs, drawing on shipboard curriculum, include UNESCO World Heritage Sites, service learning visits, home stays, national park excursions, architectural walking tours, eco hikes, and on-the-ground investigations that are hard to replicate on other programs.

More Info Please and Maybe Just Hire Me

Which ship? It’s called the MVExplorer. You’ll find students from as many as 280 different colleges and universities on board. Maybe you would like to be an employee for that semester and if so, check out this employment site. You just may enjoy the experience so much that you will become an alumnus and want to join another semester as many have done.

So read up (43 pages) on the travel blog experience of others called News from the Helm and enjoy your planning.  Wikipedia fills in lots of blanks on SAS and you will not want to skip this link. Facebook adds valuable additional information.

Sounds like a bucket-list experience to me. I think my wife may jump on this one.  jeb

Phone: 800.854.0195 | Fax: 434.243.4076
PO Box 400885 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4885


Seniors Who Stay Serious About Learning and Travel

I’ve always had a serious and curious nature, especially about exploring the globe.  That’s why I liked the title of this program I discovered that caters to senior citizens who love to continue learning and travel. Senior citizens are invited to “Stay Curious” and to investigate one of the many programs that go all over the world and explore a wide variety of topics.

Caters to Senior Travel

“Stay Curious” caters to adult travel, senior travel. Senior citizen travel has become more exciting today than ever before. These senior travel programs offer some of the most unique and interesting programs where traveling and learning abroad give singles and couples a new perspective of the world and culture. How? For instance, by learning a language in the country where you are traveling.

I was especially drawn to that program, being a former teacher of French for 38 years. “Stay Curious” tours allow seniors to enjoy the country you are visiting as a native. If you’’re a senior citizen, couple, or a single traveling abroad, here’ are some examples of things you can do. Looks to me like, “you name what you want to see and do” and Stay Curious can help you find it.

Learner and Traveler

Study Spanish in the Galapagos, French while learning about wine in Bordeaux or Italian while learning about art history in Italy. Their Language Liaison looked very interesting and well done. “Stay Curious” is found in over 35 countries offering 22 languages and dozens of activities.  Perhaps you would enjoy a stay with a host family as I did in Cuernavaca.  Perhaps you would prefer a hotel, an apartment or  a residence for a week stay or for a month. I liked that too.

Navigate through the links on this page via a Site Map to find out more about cultural education, language learning concept, adult traveling, and language schools. Also, senior learners will find more information about history, cuisines, customs, business news and other activities in different countries.

If you have grandchildren, Global Teen just might be a program that you would suggest to them as the world is just waiting to be explored.

I think that you will find this site so full of excitement and possibilities that you will want to spend time “surfing,” especially in the Activities portion. I know that I did. The countries portion was pretty cool too.  So go exploring this Sunday and by all means, “Stay Curious”.   jeb


More Seniors are Going to South Africa

You will enjoy this trip seniors, its a big country with lots and lots to see and do.  South Africa (Treasure of the World) is a parliamentary democracy and is in many respects a developed country, although much of its population lives in poverty.  All major urban areas have modern, world-class hotels and tourist facilities.  Game parks and areas most often visited by senior tourists have a wide range of facilities.  Food and water are generally safe, and a wide variety of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals are readily available.

Pretoria is the capital, while the seat of parliament is located in Cape Town.  Johannesburg is the financial capital and largest city in South Africa.  Durban is home to Africa’s busiest port and is the number one tourist destination for South Africans.

Let’s Take a Closer Look

With Frommers in our pocket, senior travelers can check out when to go, how to get there, the money used, getting around and a dozen or so other helpful tips. South Africa’s southwestern coast (the province known as Western Cape) tends to attract the majority of international visitors during the summer months. Fortunately, the country is big enough to absorb these increased numbers without causing the discomfort most people associate with busy seasons.

Be aware, however, that accommodation prices do increase in summer, some by as much as 70%; and if you dislike crowds, you should try to avoid South Africa’s coast during the busiest school holidays, which — like elsewhere — take place from around mid-December to mid-January.  More than 10 million tourists visit South Africa each year. Why not be one of them?

Seniors Discover the Heart of South Africa

Discover the heart of South Africa, exploring its unique history, amazing wildlife, truly breathtaking scenery and vibrant cities. Senior visitors will find adventure, affordability, beauty, climate, change, food and wine, infrastructure, people, wildlife and wonders of the world that will leave you spellbound.  Best Places to Visit with photos will attract seniors to South Africa’s beauty.

Kruger National Park is Africa’s oldest established wildlife park (1898) and offers one of the best safari experiences in Africa. It’s situated north of Johannesburg and takes about 5 hours to get to by car. It boasts the highest variety of wildlife in Africa which includes the “Big Five“, as well as hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, cheetah and much more. Kruger is one of the best maintained parks in Africa.

Welcome to  This site will provide you with relevant and up to date information on the many fascinating attractions that South Africa has to offer senior visitors.  You may want to practice a few of these native words prior to your visit. Many languages are used in South Africa (Thank you, Dankie, Siyabonga, Ukhani, Inkomu, Enkosi, Zikomo, Ke a leboga, Ke itumtese, Ndatenda). Enjoy this fascinating country! jeb

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