Seniors Seek Out  Mission Viejo


Mission Viejo, a city that senior travelers will find in Orange County, California in the Saddleback Valley, is considered one of the largest master-planned communities ever built under a single project in the United States, and is rivaled only by Highlands Ranch, Colorado, in its size. Its population as of 2014 was estimated at 96,346.

My wife picked up two Tuscan melons that came from Dulcinea Farms in Mission Viejo. I like the city motto: “Make Living Your Mission” in Mission Viejo, and my travel bucket mission is to one day visit the Farms.

Mission Viejo lies approximately 23 miles southeast of Anaheim and 43 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is bordered by Lake Forest on the northwest, Trabuco Canyon on the northeast, Rancho Santa Margarita and Ladera Ranch on the east, San Juan Capistrano on the south, and Laguna Niguel and Laguna Hills on the west.

Seniors Find Great City In Undevelopable Land!


Historically, Mission Viejo was a hilly region primarily used as cattle and sheep grazing land, since it was of little use to farmers. This city was one of the last regions of Orange County to be urbanized due to its geologic complexity. In 1960, early developers dismissed most of the land in Mission Viejo as simply “undevelopable.”

Mission Viejo is suburban in nature and culture. Although mainly residential, there are a number of offices and businesses within its city limits. The city is known for its picturesque tree-lined neighborhoods, receiving recognition from the National Arbor Day Foundation. The city’s name is a reference to Rancho Mission Viejo, a large Spanish land grant from which the community was founded.

Lake Mission ViejoLake Mission Viejo is a private recreational facility built around a large man-made lake with extensive facilities for swimming, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The Lake was created for recreational use and senior visitors will find two  beaches on the north and east ends of the lake.

 Seniors Like Southern California

The Shops at Mission Viejo, an indoor upscale mall, features Nordstrom, H&M, Macy’s, Apple, Microsoft, Sephora and host of other anchor department stores. Seniors can play a round of golf at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club and then tour of the campus of Saddleback College, a community college that is part of the California Community College system.1024px-snow_at_lake_mission_viejo_005-1

Pick a video on Mission Viejo. Like most of southern California, Mission Viejo is prone to dry Santa Ana winds. The houses and shopping centers are almost uniformly designed in a Spanish mission style, with “adobe”-like stucco walls and barrel-tile roofs.

Seniors enjoy memorable California scenery: San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Tustin, and Santa Ana. Set your GPS for Mission Viejo and enjoy a few days in a community loaded with amenities for senior visitors. -jeb

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Seniors Head For Deutschland

wurzburg_square_car_magnet_3_x_3Been to Germany yet? Stopped in Würzburg? Senior friends, today we are paying a visit  to that city in Germany’s Bavaria region, known for lavish baroque and rococo architecture.

Also known for its numerous wine bars, cellars and wineries, Würzburg is the center of the Franconian wine country, with its distinctive bocksbeutel, bottles with flattened round shapes.

The population of Würzburg runs right at 125,000 inhabitants who are surrounded by scenic hills and beautiful old historic buildings all along the river Main.

The Official Homepage for Würzburg can fill senior visitors in on what to see and do. The Must Sees from the ‘Visitors’  site on this page include the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Residence Palace, a Towering Fortress and an old bridge. The Christmas Market in Wurzburg is world famous as is Dirk Nowitzki, one of my favorite NBA basketball players with the Dallas Mavericks who was born in Wurzburg.


Senior Oenophiles Enjoy German Wine

Würzburg is located on both sides of the river Main but the main body of the town is on the eastern (right) bank of the river. For senior oenophiles, Würzburg is the capital of the German wine region Franconia which is famous for its mineralic dry white wines especially from the Silvaner grape.

The Würzburger Hofbräu brewery locally produces a well-known pilsner beer that might go well in this town along with the oldest Pizzeria in Germany. The University of Würzburg (official name Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg) was founded in 1402 and is one of the oldest universities in Germany.


The folks at TripAdvisor have 65 things to see and do in Würzburg. Unlike the Munich Residence, which evolved over some five hundred years and thus incorporates the styles of quite different periods, the Würzburg Residence was built in its entirety, with short interruptions, almost within a single generation.

Seniors Also Enjoy The Architecture

The interior of the residence holds the masterworks of Baroque/Rococo or Neoclassical architecture and art, including the grand staircase, the chapel, and the Imperial Hall. The building was reportedly called the “largest parsonage in Europe” by Napoleon.

 Seniors, enjoy your visit to Würzburg. Gute Reise. -jeb


Seniors Like Conyers


Senior travelers locate Conyers, with a population right at 12,500, twenty-four miles east of Atlanta. For starters, do you know the actress Dakota Fanning?  Well, this is her home town.

The history of Conyers and Rockdale County is diverse and dates back over ten thousand years. Early natives known as “The Mound Builders” were one of many groups who visited Rockdale’s gentle hills, lakes and streams.


Much later, the Creek and Cherokee Nations shared a common border, the “Great Indian Road,” now known as Hightower Trail in northern Rockdale. In the early 1800s, this trail was a main route for white settlers moving inland after the American Revolution.

 Seniors: From A Watering Post To A Vibrant Community

What is now Conyers began as a watering post along this line, named after a Dr. Conyers. By 1845, the railroad was in full operation. By 1854, nearly 400 residents lived around the watering post, and the town of Conyers was incorporated.

Seniors, if you enjoy horses, note that Conyers hosted the equestrian and mountain biking events for the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta. For this, Conyers built the Georgia International Horse Park, a great spot for a visit.


In the 1970s, parts of the first five episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard were filmed in the town. Remember that show?  The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Cherry Blossom Festival, A Taste of Conyers, the Olde Town Fall Festival and the Hometown Holiday are all favorites,  for not only the locals but for senior visitors as well.

Seniors Enjoy The International Horse Park


And everyone is Irish and wearing the Green for the day in the World’s Fastest Growing St. Patrick’s Day Parade. TripAdvisor has almost a dozen things for seniors to see and do in Conyers, starting with the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

The Cherry Blossom Festival held annually at the International Horse Park originated as a way to encourage cultural understanding and friendship through international music, dance, games, food and crafts. For you gourmet folks, tickle and tantalize your taste buds at the Taste of Conyers, an annual event that promotes local restaurants in Conyers and Olde Town.


Thousands of twinkling lights will once again illuminate the Pavilion, the Lewis Vaughn Botanical Garden and the thoroughfare of Green Street bordering Olde Town during the annual holiday Christmas season. In addition, Lemon Bee Festival is a fun-filled day of live music, amazing arts and crafts, and beautiful people right in the heart of Olde Town Conyers.

In 1905 Rogers Steam Locomotive, named “Dinky”, carried freight between Conyers and Milstead until 1961. You can see this locomotive in Conyers.

Seniors, set your GPS, catch some of the festivals and enjoy the variety of  amenities in this fun town. -jeb

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Seniors Discover Avalon, California


I recently came across the 50 Coolest Towns in America. Well, near the top of the list was Avalon, California. My grandson spent a couple of summers at a camp in Avalon.  I did some searching and discovered a tiny seaport on Catalina Island  that they say feels more like a Mediterranean getaway than a West Coast beach. Seniors, let’s visit Avalon, California today and see for ourselves.

The town has a few thousand permanent residents, whose homes layer up the hillsides around the edges of town. The Inn at Mt. Ada, is a bed and breakfast that was once the home of William Wrigley (the chewing gum Wrigley). It’s the town’s best view.

Avalon is only a small part of Catalina’s history and enchantment. Its 75 square miles of interior wilderness is a symbol of what California was like long ago, offering fantastic blends of plant and animal life forms that are now uncommon on the mainland.


Seniors Enjoy The Natural

Avalon is situated on the easterly portion of Catalina Island, 22 miles south/southwest of the Los Angeles Harbor breakwater. Not large, Avalon is a little over 2 2/3 square miles in size. The island itself is 76 square miles in area, 85% of which is in a conservancy area to be maintained in its natural state in perpetuity.

The picturesque and leisurely seaport village of Avalon has a permanent population of around 3,500, with an annual visitor count of close to one million. Catalina Island is part of Los Angeles County. Avalon schools however, are part of the Long Beach Unified School District.


TripAdvisor suggests that seniors take in Descanso Beach, meaning “relax” or “take it easy” in Spanish. Crescent Street is Avalon’s “main drag,” facing the ocean and much of it closed to all but foot traffic. Senior visitors will find shops, as well as several hotels and restaurants.

 Seniors Enjoy Popular Destination

The town of Avalon surrounds beautiful Avalon Bay on the southeast end of Santa Catalina Island. Avalon has been a popular destination for senior visitors since the early 1900’s. From the ‘20’s and beyond, Avalon has attracted film stars to presidents and still maintains its charm and allure today.

The green Pleasure Pier, in the center of the Avalon Bay is the departure point for numerous ocean expeditions, including the Undersea Expedition, Glass Bottom Boat, Flying Fish Voyage, Sundown Isthmus Cruise and Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour.


Avalon  remains Catalina’s principal tourist attraction. Though nearly 22 miles separate this unique town from the mainland, remoteness has not altered progress. Catalina contains all essential utilities such as electricity, water and phones.

Rainwater is stored in reservoirs throughout the island’s interior, which is subsequently purified then piped to the towns of Avalon and Two Harbors. So sail on over to Avalon and enjoy this beautiful island. -jeb

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Seniors visit the Kingdom of Northumbria


Get your coffee senior friends we’re going to northern England this morning to the Kingdom of Northumbria. This medieval Anglian kingdom in what is now northern England and south-east Scotland,  subsequently became an earldom in a unified English kingdom. To the east is the North Sea coastline with a 64-mile (103 km) long distance path.

The name reflects the approximate southern limit to the kingdom’s territory, the Humber estuary. Northumbria during its “golden age” was the most important center of religious learning and arts in the British Isles.


Initially the kingdom was evangelized by Irish monks from the Celtic Church, based at Iona in modern Scotland, which led to a flowering of monastic life. The land north of the Tweed was finally ceded to Scotland in 1018 as a result of the battle of Carham.

 Seniors Visit A Land Of Castles


Apart from standard English, Northumbria has a series of closely related but distinctive dialects, descended from the early Germanic languages of the Angles, of which 80% of its vocabulary is derived, and Vikings with a few Celtic and Latin loanwords.

The Northumbria landscape is dominated by castles, rolling hills, wildlife, mansions, and of course beautiful sunsets. Alchetron notes that the area once formed part of the Roman Empire; later, as Northumberland, it witnessed much conflict between England and Scotland.

Northumberland is often called the “cradle of Christianity” in England. Bamburgh is the historic capital of Northumberland, an area abounding in history.

Seniors Enjoy Northumbria’s Traditions

northumberlandNorthumberland has traditions senior visitors will not find elsewhere in England, like the rapper sword dance, the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Clog dance and the Northumbrian smallpipe, a sweet chamber instrument, quite unlike the Scottish bagpipe.

Northumberland also has its own tartan or check, sometimes referred to in Scotland as the Shepherds Tartan. Traditional Northumberland music sounds similar to Lowland Scottish music, reflecting the strong historical links between Northumbria and the Lowlands of Scotland.

Senior visitors will find the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, with over 27,000 students. Wikitravel relates that Northumbria contains one of the most picturesque and untouched stretches of coastline in the United Kingdom; with rolling hills and low mountains in the sparsely populated interior.


Northumberland feels a world away from London and the south of England in terms of its ruggedness, sense of remoteness, its culture and its geography. It has a distinctly more Scottish feel to it than English and at its closest point is a mere one hour from the Scottish capital.

As per usual, TripAdvisor can easily overload your planned itinerary with 217 things to see and do in the area. Senior travelers, grab a map of England, find Northumbria and visit with your travel agent.   -jeb


Seniors Spend Time In Lakeway And Austin

lakewayLakeway, a city in Travis County, Texas, has a population right at 13,200. Seniors traveling in Texas will find Lakeway next to Lake Travis, an “exurb” (a district outside a city, especially a prosperous area beyond the suburbs.) in greater Austin.

Spend some time in Lakeway and you may discover for yourself why they say that “Lakeway is much more than a place to live, but a community.”

John Henry Lohmann, a German immigrant and the first white settler, arrived in 1842 with his wife and children and named the area Ridgetop. The present city of Lakeway was founded on a 2,700-acre ranch owned by rancher Jack Josey.

 Seniors Like Texas Hill Country


The Lakeway Marina is a hot spot for boaters. Since the 1960s, the Marina has been hosting generation after generation of families looking for lake fun in the pristine Texas Hill Country on the beautiful highland lakes.

The State Capitol in the city of Austin is one of the largest capitols in the country. Other historically significant sites nearby include Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park and the Texas State cemetery.

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, Daughters of the Republic of Texas Museum, and Texas Memorial Museum of Science and History display a variety of exhibits that reflect Texan history.

Winemakers, Flyboarders, And Beautiful Homes


Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum houses the presidential limousine and a replica of the Oval Office. O. Henry Home & Museum exists at the residence of the famous writer also known as William Sidney Porter.

Among other places of interest is the McKinney Falls State Park and Pedernales Falls State Park where senior visitors can go for swimming, fishing, tubing, horseback riding, camping hiking and picnicking.

Lakeway, Texas is home to many beautiful homes and businesses. Senior oenophiles, don’t miss the Lake Travis Wine Trader on Ranch Road. They continually have events, tastings and host wineries and winemakers from around the world.


Flyboarding! Wow, what a fun and unique new adventure attraction – flyboarding on Lake Travis with Aquafly .

You ask “what is flyboarding?”  Flyboarding was developed by Frank Zapata and the concept is pretty simple – attach one end of a 55′ fireman’s hose to the back of a waverunner and the other to a flyboarding boot contraption, slip into the boots, jump in the water and get hoisted up into the air, flying. Are you game? Me, I think I’ll pass and just watch the younger crowd soar above the water.

So, set your GPS for Lakeway and enjoy your stop. -jeb

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Seniors Drop By Beaver Dam


I remember Beaver Dam well as my uncle Frances had a dance hall near East Dubuque, Illinois and he would place upcoming dance notices in Beaver Dam. Senior travelers will find Beaver Dam, whose population is around 16,000, located 38 miles northeast of Madison, Wisconsin and 55 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

Beaver Dam was originally inhabited by the Fox, Sauk, Chippewa, Kickapoo, Winnebago, and Sioux Indians. The first white settler of the area was Thomas Mackie and his family who arrived in 1841. The first dam of the area was constructed in 1842. The City of Beaver Dam, named by the early settlers, was founded in 1836 and  incorporated in 1856.

8486fe0d5af444ddb60dfab6135b9bf8 The Old Beaver Dam Museum and Dodge County Historical Society Museum provide absorbing insights into the history of this area. Higher education facilities are nearby at Moraine Park Technical College, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, and Waukesha County Technical College.

 Seniors Discover Rogers Cinema 5

An outstanding Community Theatre presents several productions annually and residents participate in the Beaver Dam Area Orchestra and Oratorio Chorus.

The Community Concert Association presents a variety of programs, featuring regionally and nationally recognized artists. Wayland Academy, America’s oldest co-ed boarding school, offers great college preparation in the heart of Wisconsin.


 Senior visitors in October can enjoy Harvest Fest and senior visitors in December can enjoy The Holiday Parade.  Rogers Cinema 5  is a pale pink box building with no sign, no marquee, and nothing of any visual interest at all, besides a cluster of movie posters and a series of pilasters and fake windows cast into the drab stucco above.

Buried somewhere in the murky depths of this, underneath it all, is a historically significant structure. The Davison Theatre opened on this site back in 1911.


 Seniors Enjoy Seasonal Activities

TripAdvisor suggests seniors visit the Schultz Cheese Haus.  Beaver Dam is home to one of only 2 Kraft Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese processing plants in the nation. Taste of Wisconsin is a craft beer and cheese tasting event featuring only products made in Wisconsin.

The city features two racetracks including Beaver Dam Raceway. If you enjoy sprint car racing, this track has an average of 90 to 110 cars participating every Saturday night.

The city maintains nineteen parks, among which are several with fishing piers and boat ramps. Seasonal activities abound for Beaver Dam residents and senior visitors. Beaver Dam Lake is 14 miles long, and has over 41 miles of shoreline. It is especially well suited for speed boating, sailing, and provides excellent summer and winter fishing. Besides fishing, the lake is well suited for water-skiing, snowmobiling, and hunting.


This picturesque community, located in south central Wisconsin on Beaver Dam Lake, is surrounded by rich farmlands.

Both my daughters were educated in Wisconsin, so my wife and I…from Iowa, hold the state in high esteem. Enjoy your visit. -jeb





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Seniors Stop In Hinsdale


Hinsdale, a small town in the far southwest corner of New Hampshire with a population of just over 4,000, is home to part of Pisgah State Park in the northeast, and part of Wantastiquet Mountain State Forest in the northwest. Seniors will find Hinsdale beside the Connecticut River and connected to Brattleboro, Vermont by a neat old bridge. 

Hinsdale, surrounded by excellent farmland, has been a significant center of industry as well, especially in the manufacture of paper in local mills.


The town was named after Colonel Ebenezer Hinsdale (or Hinsdell) who  graduated from Harvard College and was later ordained a missionary to the Native Americans of the Connecticut River Valley. He was then stationed at Fort Drummer, an important trading post on the Connecticut River, as a chaplain.

Seniors Enjoy Hinsdale’s History

He owned property in what is now Hinsdale and in 1743, he built Fort Hinsdale and a grist mill (also known as a corn mill) reportedly at his own expense. He also established a large mercantile business in the town that had an early history of Native American assaults, raids and captivities.

Historic Post Office

The topography of Hinsdale is dominated by steep valleys running in a southwestern direction from the northeast corner of town. The town’s defining features are the river valleys which the Ashuelot and Connecticut Rivers flow through.

Hinsdale claims to have the oldest continuously operating post office in the United States. It was built in 1816.

Senior visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. There is a house in town that is totally covered with license plates. Be sure not to miss it. You may have to ask the locals where it is located as they can certainly point it out to you.


 Seniors Check Out The Chesterfield Inn

If you enjoy B&B’s like my wife and I do, TripAdvisor suggests that senior travelers check out the Chesterfield Inn, a comfortable, renovated farmhouse with cathedral ceilings and awesome views of the Connecticut River Valley.

Guests are invited to feel the stress of everyday life disappear and sit in front of the fire in the parlor or gaze out on the meadow with its cloud of wildflowers. Makes me kinda sleepy just reading this…

My wife and I greatly enjoy a B&B in place of a hotel or motel when we travel. Each seems to have an interesting history, including the story of the folks who own the B&B. And those wonderful breakfasts!

Seniors, as you travel up to New Hampshire, set your GPS for Hinsdale and spend some time in this fine little village.  -jeb

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Seniors Stop In Hamilton


 Hamilton, senior travelers learn, is the seat of Butler County, in the state’s southwestern corner. The population runs right at 63,000 and is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Hamilton was founded in 1791 as Fort Hamilton, named to honor Alexander Hamilton. It was incorporated as Hamilton in 1810. In the early years Hamilton attracted a large number of German immigrants and their influence was noticeable in culture, food and architecture. Manufacturing, the paper industry and iron works, were flourishing during the early and mid-20th century.


The municipality is recognized for its support of the arts and features a wide variety of sculpture in the downtown area. It was labeled The City of Sculpture by an Ohio governor with sculptures placed in public spaces for the enjoyment of Hamilton’s citizens and visitors.

 Seniors Enjoy Hamilton’s Walking Paths

Hamilton includes high-tech manufacturing facilities. During World War II a variety of supplies for the war were manufactured in Hamilton. The locals enjoy several beautiful parks for outdoor activities along with  beautiful Downtown Hamilton.

Some of the parks are situated in dense forests and other wooded settings. Crawford Woods, Sanders Park, Miami Woods, Joyce Park and Milkin Woods include scenic walking paths. The paved paths along the banks of the scenic Great Miami River are popular for walking and bicycle riding so bring along your hiking shoes.


TripAdvisor highlights 18 things to see and do in and around Hamilton starting off with Pyramid Hill Sculpture park and for senior oenophiles, the Hanover Winery. If you prefer beer, check out Municipal Brew Works. Make it a point to take a tour of the Hamilton Campus of Miami University in downtown Hamilton.

Seniors Find Championship Little League Team


Miami Hamilton Downtown is located at 221 High Street, in the historic Robinson-Schwenn Building. It is a multi-use center for civic engagement and the arts, offering senior visitors an array of programs including live music, art displays, theatrical performances, educational classes and lectures.

 Toss in the clubs as senior golfers enjoy play at numerous quality courses in the area. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the activities and a variety of professional sports events in nearby Cincinnati.


The nearby Kings Island amusement and recreational center and the Beach Waterpark are enjoyed by folks of all ages. The Campbell Gard is a popular YMCA camp located on 600 acres on the Great Miami River amid rolling meadows and a scenic forest area.

A special note on Hamilton…West Side Little League has been to the Little League World Series four times. Little Leaguers from Hamilton have made the trip to Williamsport in 1991, 1993, 2007, and 2010. Hamilton Little League has also won eight of the last nine state championships, and ten of the last twelve, as of 2016.

Seniors, enjoy Hamilton and all its amenities. Spend some quality time and you will soon learn why it is called “The City of Sculpture.” -jeb

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Seniors Enjoy Menton, France


It is only a hop, skip and jump from Monaco and a must visit once you are on the French Riviera. Get your coffee senior friends, let’s go to Menton France today. Situated on the French Riviera, along the Franco-Italian border, it is nicknamed La Perle de la France (the Perle of France) with 316 days of sunshine a year.


Menton is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France. Italian influences in the city are clearly visible, from the architecture, which is similar to the Italian towns of Cinque Terre, to the waiters who prefer to talk to each other in Italian.

Surrounding the once summer residence of the Princes of Monaco, the gardens of the “Palais Carnolès” contain the largest and most extensive fruit collection in Europe. Senior visitors will discover 400 specimens from about 100 different species : orange trees, grapefruit trees, clementine trees, mandarin trees, citron trees, kumquats.


Seniors Enjoy City Of Citruses

In French, the name Menton means “chin” and, senior visitors, you will have to keep your chin up here as the steep cobblestone streets are loaded with steps and alleyways.  The Menton beach is pretty cool too, so be sure to bring along a bathing suit.

Often referred to as the “City of Citruses,” the city has committed to encouraging landowners and farmers to replant lemon trees, orange trees, mandarin trees and other such as kumquats.


The “Menton Lemon”, which has a very specific taste and unique qualities, is in the process of being labelled. In February every year the world famous Lemon Festival is held. In this way, the city pays homage to the golden fruit, which is the symbol of the city.

Seniors Find ‘A Get-Away Place’

Menton is what I call one of those “get-away places,” where seniors can enjoy a leisurely stroll almost anywhere in this “little known corner” of France. With a population of 30,000, Menton is famous for its gardens.


I have always been impressed with the colors of Menton that fit together like an interesting jig saw puzzle: muted shades of ochre, pink and gold. TripAdvisor suggests the Old Chateau Cemetery, then the Basilica Saint Michel and the Botanical Garden.

I would also add the new Musée Jean Cocteau, Menton’s adopted artist, writer and film-maker, located in the Bastion of the port of Menton. Try to time your visit in August and take in the Menton Music Festival then dine in the Michelin Starred Mirazur Restaurant.


The town is full of old buildings, beautifully restored. A good example are the colorful buildings around the Place Ardoino, including the Hotel de Ville. The old town, le Vieux Menton, has an active pedestrian area, full of shops of all sorts and terrace cafés – although the rest of the town doesn’t really lack for these amenities either.

So, the next time you visit Nice or Monaco, slip over to Menton for a fun time. -jeb

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