Seniors Stop In One Of The Safest Cities

8564146531479127336 Oxnard located along the coast of Southern California, in 2013 was ranked one of the safest cities in America. Senior travelers will find Oxnard, with a population of just over 200,000, about 30 miles west of Los Angeles.

Oxnard was incorporated as a California city on June 30, 1903. The city got its name from Henry T. Oxnard, a sugar beet magnet and founder of the American Crystal Sugar Company, who originally intended to name the city after after a Greek word for “sugar.” It didn’t happen.

The Henry T. Oxnard Historic District is a 70-acre district that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. This Historic District is unique because it began as the “heart” of Oxnard, and, in many respects, remains so to this day.  The neighborhood is still home to the same blend of community leaders, professionals and trades people as it was at its inception.


Seniors Enjoy The Festivals

How many cities to you know that have a Salsa Festival? Live Spicy! Eat Spicy! The Oxnard Salsa Festival is a celebration of all things salsa – food, music and dance – and a place where salsa (the sauce) reigns supreme. My wife would love it.

Me, I don’t do well with spicy foods. I’d do much better at the The California Strawberry Festival in May that is among the top festivals in the nation. The International Restaurant Week and the Oxnard Tamale Festival, held in conjunction with the annual Christmas Parade, are two more big draws for seniors.

Senior visitors can experience the oceanfront, fabulous festivals, giant red strawberries, exceptional weather, and seven miles of  white sandy beaches.  In addition are the breathtaking Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.


Seniors Retreat To Oxnard

Oxnard is a welcomed retreat for folks of all ages any time of year. For you car enthusiasts, The Mullin Automotive Museum is a privately owned automobile museum in Oxnard. Established in 2010, it displays the personal car collection of businessman and philanthropist Peter Mullin.

Oxnard’s warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful seaside setting, and easily accessible beaches and parks are ideal for outdoor activities.

Bring along your bike and peddle over 35 miles of designated biking trails and bike-ways or designated lanes on Oxnard’s streets. My brother would love it here as he is a super fan of the Dallas Cowboys who have their training camp in Oxnard each July.


Nestled in Historic Downtown Oxnard, Heritage Square offers a unique, quaint scene combined with delightful gardens and fountains. Virtual Tourist notes that Heritage Square is an entire city block of restored 1876 to 1912 buildings that were prevalent in the shaping of Oxnard’s history.

Seniors will discover that Oxnard knows how to celebrate, as each new season brings its own calendar of events and programs just awaiting your arrival. -jeb


Seniors Bypass Mars for Jupiter


Jupiter, Florida that is. Jupiter, with a population of nearly 60,000, is one of the northernmost suburbs of the Miami metropolitan area. It might even earn the name “Eventville,” as there is something going on all year long for senior visitors to enjoy.

Jupiter was rated as the 9th Happiest Seaside Town in America by Coastal Living in 2012. I was planning on providing our readers with the derivation of the name Jupiter, but it got a little complicated, so I invite you to read it for yourselves.

Jupiter_Florida_Loxahatchee_River_photo_D_Ramey_Logan-1I’d head for Harbourside Place, the premier downtown location for shopping, dining, luxury hotel accommodations, entertainment and boating.

Nestled along Jupiter’s Intracoastal Waterway, Harbourside Place conveys a classic, coastal vibe. Bring along your senior appetite and savor the flavors in one of the classic restaurants and then shop in more than 15 national and specialty stores.

Me, being a former baseball coach, I’d enjoy watching spring training at Roger Dean Stadium. It’s home to the Marlins and Cardinals baseball training camp.

Seniors Love Florida’s ‘National Wild And Scenic River’


Carlin Park is a favored spot to play volleyball, tennis, softball and bocce ball. Senior visitors can run or walk the exercise course that features 20 unique training stations, have a snack at the café or light up one of the grills.

The Seabreeze Amphitheater features live music, special events and the annual Shakespeare by the Sea Festival. Stop by Dubois Park, with more than 1,200 feet of tropical palm-lined beach.

I would try to talk my wife into a canoe trip on Florida’s only “National Wild and Scenic River,” the Loxahatchee.  Named “lowchow” (turtle) and “hatchee” (river) by the Seminole Indians, the beautiful Loxahatchee River is an 8.5 mile waterway located near the cities of Jupiter and Hobe Sound.



The Loxahatchee is famous for its large stands of Bald Cypress, countless birds and diverse wildlife and where self-guided and guided trips are offered. We could paddle our canoe or kayak down a cypress lined waterway, noting heron, egrets, turtles, deer and a wide variety of bird species and other wildlife.

Senior Racecar Enthusiasts Take Note

The Gulf Stream is so close, you can dive with turtles, Goliath Groupers and colorful tropical fish. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum offers climbing tours of the landmark 1860 Lighthouse. The lighthouse is often used as the symbol for Jupiter.


Senior theater goers, The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is a 550-seat, community- based regional theatre. For senior race car enthusiasts, the Palm Beach International Raceway is an acclaimed motor sports facility featuring a challenging 2.034-mile Road Course and an exciting 1/4-mile Drag Strip.

TripAdvisor notes that Celebrities like PGA Tour golfers Ernie Els and Camilo Villegas, singer Celine Dion and actor Burt Reynolds own homes in the Jupiter area. So set your GPS for Jupiter and enjoy your stay. -jeb


Seniors Head to Ljubljana, Slovenia

images-1 I keep reading more and more about Slovenia and all its scenic beauty. Well, it’s time to go for a better look. So get your coffee, senior friends, get comfortable and let’s checkout Ljubljana, Slovenia this morning.

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city in the country with a population of nearly a quarter of a million. This is a picturesque city boasting a wealth of attractions. Senior travelers will find Ljubljana located at the middle of a trade route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region.


This historical capital of what is called Carniola, a Slovene-inhabited part of Austria-Hungary, has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, and administrative center of independent Slovenia since 1991.

Ljubljana is well known as a green city boasting a large number of beautiful parks and a botanical garden whose history goes back to 1810. The city’s largest park, the centrally located Tivoli, is a popular place for senior visitors to relax.


 Seniors Enjoy An Undiscovered Gem In Ljubljana

Having spent time in Prague, I was impressed to discover that Ljubljana, like Prague, is considered to be a yet undiscovered gem of Europe. Because of its beautiful architecture, it is often compared with Prague.

The work of the famous 20th century architect Jože Plečnik can be seen across Ljubljana, and is most obvious in the area by the river Ljubljanica, where senior visitors can find one of his most famous creations, the Triple Bridge.


The area can best be experienced on a tourist boat cruise. During winter Ljubljana unveils its dreamy central European character that prevails. During summer months the city has a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere about it.

Senior visitors find it to be remarkable for its rich tradition, youthful vibrancy, cultural creativity, feel for entertainment, and all those numerous green spaces.

 Seniors Find Dragons, Castles and Beauty


The symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon, which dominates the iconic Dragon Bridge, and the city’s most prominent attraction Ljubljana Castle, whose Outlook Tower offers some of the most beautiful views of the city.

TripAdvisor notes that Slovenia, wedged between Austria and Italy, has always been proud of its unique heritage. The capital, Ljubljana, is a perfect example of this blend of German, Mediterranean, and Slovenian culture.


Virtual Tourist advises that as you wander the Old Town, take your time and look at the details. It could be a carving of a face on the wall, intricate metal work on a railing, a statue, a fountain. The beauty of Ljubljana is in the detail.

Along with Old Town, you just can’t miss Prešeren Square, the central square in Ljubljana. Part of the Old town’s pedestrian zone this is a major meeting point, where festivals, Ljubljana carnival, concerts, sports, political, and protest events take place.

And Triple Bridge… it is totally awesome and unique.  I will depart today via my travel hero, Rick Steves, who takes us on a city tour. Enjoy your visit. -jeb


Seniors Drop by Toms River

toms-river-nj-events-toms-river-volkswagen Out of curiosity, my middle name, I googled the major cities in New Jersey and up came Newark, Jersey City and Atlantic City. Toms River was way down the list, but the name caught this senior’s eye. So let’s go check it together.

92,000 folks call Toms River home. I had to be just a little careful researching this travel blog as I discovered that there was a Tom River in Siberia Russia, a tributary of the Ob River.

Toms River is well known for having the second largest Halloween parade in the world and for being a very safe city. Much of the early history of Toms River is obscured by conflicting stories. There are two legends as to the naming of Toms River.

The first is that it was named for Thomas Luker, who operated a ferry across Goose Creek in the 1600’s. The second, more dramatic legend, is that it was named for Captain William Toms, a pirate in the 18th Century who would attack ships sailing past the area. The latter one sounds much more exciting to me.


Seniors Enjoy Diverse and Dynamic Downtown

In 1992, as part of celebrations commemorating the township’s 225th anniversary, official recognition was granted to the tradition that the “Tom” in “Toms River” was for the aforementioned Thomas Luker. Downtown Toms River provides a wide variety of things for seniors to see and do and remains one of the most diverse and dynamic downtowns in this part of New Jersey. 


For sports fans, the John Bennett Indoor Athletic Complex is the only indoor athletic complex bubble in Ocean County and one of the largest in New Jersey. For epicureans, the New Jersey Chili and Salsa Cook-Off, as well as the New Jersey Ice Cream Festival are both held in Toms River. Movie fans might be interested in knowing that the 1979 classic “Amityville Horror” as well as 1988’s “X-Files” movie were filmed in Toms River.

TripAdvisor wants senior visitors to know about dining on board River Lady, a 150 passenger, 85′ authentic reproduction of a paddle wheel riverboat. The River Lady splendidly captures the ambiance of a 19th century Mississippi Paddleboat.

The Library and Planetarium Draw Seniors


Of the 17 attractions Trip Advisor highlights, the Ocean City Library ranks #2, so consider putting it on your bucket list. The Novina Planetarium and the Insectropolis, the Bugseum of New Jersey, are other popular visitor sites.

Insectropolis is a fun and unique insect learning center that dazzles visitors of all ages, including seniors. View thousands of beautiful and bizarre exotic insects from all over the world.  One of my former students majored in Entomology and Andy would love that place full of bugs and insects. Probably not my wife.

Me, I would enjoy The Ocean County Historical Society, one of New Jersey’s outstanding historical societies. Now hop aboard a drone and view Toms River from the air. Nice job. -jeb


Seniors Drop By Hopkinsville

Historysignbillboard2Why Hopkinsville? Well, this senior was reading recently about folks with special talents to foresee the future. Up came the name of Edgar Cayce, known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet.’ Cayce was a clairvoyant and said to be the father of Holistic Medicine.

He hailed from Hopkinsville, the county seat of Christian County, Kentucky with a population of 32,000. The tourism slogan is, “a wealth of adventure, history and mystery.”

This 6th largest city in Kentucky is called, by the local folks, just plain “Hop Town”. I liked that. The town was founded in 1804 and  named “Hopkinsville” after veteran and state representative Samuel Hopkins. But, historically, the town was settled back in 1796 by a North Carolina couple.


Arts And Culture Draw Senior Visitors

Hopkinsville is located a short drive from Land Between the Lakes, Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park, Nashville, TN, Fort Campbell, KY, Paducah, KY; and Evansville, IN.

Hopkinsville has access to the arts, cultural and sporting events, shopping, and recreational opportunities while maintaining a strong sense of local community. The multitude of arts and cultural activities make the town attractive for visitors of all ages.

For many residents of western Kentucky and northern Tennessee, higher education begins at Hopkinsville Community College (HCC), a true  comprehensive community college. The college provides an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for transferring to a university, complete a certificate, or degree leading directly to a career.


Browne Mackie College is another educational institution in town where one can take one course a month. The Brown Mackie College system of schools has a long history that began with the opening of the Kansas Wesleyan School of Business in 1892.

 Seniors Find Interesting History

Download a Visitors Guide for information on local events and how to best take a memorable walking tour of the town. Seniors who enjoy spending time in interesting museums may enjoy visiting the Museums of Historic Hopkinsville Christian County where you can discover the rich – and sometimes bizarre – history of southwestern Kentucky.


From the early works of American psychic Edgar Cayce to tales of the Black Patch Tobacco Wars and the vigilante Night Riders, the past is present at this  Kentucky museum in Hopkinsville.

Visit with a few locals and seniors will learn all about The Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter,  also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, and to a lesser extent the Kelly Green Men Case.

It was a series of incidents of alleged close encounters with supposed extraterrestrial beings that were reported in 1955. It certainly put Hopkinsville on the map with its own Wikipedia story. Looks to me like Hoptown is a great place for a rest stop. Enjoy Hopkinsville. -jeb


Seniors Spend Time in Medford

1280px-Welcome_to_medford_oregon Seems like every time this senior watches the weather channel, up comes Medford in southern Oregon. With a population of 77,677 and a metropolitan area population of 208,545, Medford is the 4th largest metro area in Oregon.

Medford was named in 1883 by David Loring, a civil engineer, for his home town of  Medford, Massachusetts. Medford is located approximately 27 miles (43 km) north of the northern California border.

Medford began as a muddy railroad town in 1883 and was incorporated in 1885. Early in the 20th century, population and financial growth, spurred by real estate speculation known as the “Orchard Boom”, established Medford as a regional urban center.

Seniors Find  Aviation And Pears In History


By the mid-1920s, the city had also become an aviation leader, claiming the first public airport and only airmail stop in Oregon, and in 1927 Medford became the county seat. Eden Valley Orchards is the birthplace of the Oregon pear industry and a historical leader of innovative agriculture.

In Medford’s pear heyday, there were up to 12,000 acres of pears, some 400 growers, and almost 30 packing houses. Surrounding Jackson County was the fourth leading pear-producing county in the nation and the number-one winter pear producer.


Today, the pear industry has declined to about 6,000 acres, a dozen or so growers, and only one commercial packing house plus mail order fruit company Harry and David. And those Royal Riviera Pears, there is nothing in the world like them. They say you can eat them with a spoon. I know, I’ve done it.


 Seniors Discover Cultural Banquet

The Rogue Valley is said to be “a banquet table of cultural activity.”  TripAdvisor suggests that seniors visitors take in the wild and scenic Rogue River, both the Upper and Lower Table Rock and the Medford Railroad Park. They rank one, two and three for popularity.


Senior travelers can tour the area’s five covered bridges and take advantage of a mild climate to go hiking, biking or rafting. Make your way through orchards, creameries and vineyards on a tasty wine and cheese tour. I enjoy tours and these sound really good to me. For my wife, she would enjoy selecting one of the six B&Bs and Inns in Medford.

The local Chamber feels that one of the secrets to southern Oregon’s unique way of life is its wide array of  high quality cultural attractions. The recreation available via the natural world makes this area an ideal place to work, play and retire.

From what I have observed, Medford has it all together. Senior travelers are invited to stop by and enjoy. -jeb


‘The Village By The Sea’ Attracts Senior Travelers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been to another Carlsbad in New Mexico where my wife and I descended into a world famous cavern. Iit was an overwhelming experience.  You walk down and down and fortunately, get to take an elevator back to ground level. Today however, senior travelers explore  Carlsbad, California with an estimated 2014 population of 112,299.

This Carlsbad is an affluent seaside resort city occupying a 7-mile stretch of Pacific coastline in northern San Diego County, California on Interstate Rte. 5. Referred to as “The Village by the Sea” by locals, the city is a popular tourist destination.

A fresh-water well was dug in the late 19th century and it was discovered that the water was chemically similar to that found in some of the most renowned spas in the world. So the town was named Carlsbad after a well known Spa in the Bohemian town of Karlsbad in the Czech Republic.


Seniors ‘Take The Waters’

Bad in the German language means a bath, spa or a pool, thus, Carl’s Spa. A sister city in the Czech Republic is Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad.

TripAdvisor notes that Spa-goers have flocked to Carlsbad since its mineral spring was discovered. Today, seniors can visit the site of the original well and do much more than just “take the waters.” Carlsbad’s spas offer world-class services.

The #1 attraction remains Carlsbad State Beach where many learn to do paddle boarding. The beautiful Museum for Making Music is another major drawing card. Bring the grandkids and spend some quality time with them at Legoland California.


Senior travelers will find Carlsbad 87 miles (140 km) south of Los Angeles and 35 miles (56 km) north of San Diego. Carlsbad is home to one of the largest one-day festivals in the nation, Carlsbad Village Street Faire.

Seniors Enjoy Strolling the Streets

Don’t mistake Carlsbad for a sleepy surfer village. A wide variety of arts and culture offer a constant influx of creativity and inspiration.


This is a city made for strollers. Senior visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk on tree-lined streets where one can find a wide variety of stores and a Farmer’s Market on State Street. Not far away is the Carlsbad Premium Outlets and The Forum, both shopping meccas.

Summer in Carlsbad means TGIF Concerts in the Parks, a tradition that has become an integral part of the community’s life. Seniors will not be wanting for things to see and do and the fun goes on all year long.

So set your GPS for the local visitor center for starters and set up a fun itinerary for a few days in Carlsbad. You will pack in a host of pleasant memories. -jeb


Seniors Stop In Bayeux

2014-06-14-Bayeux-1-compressedI always enjoy sharing a spot where I have spent some time. This time it is Normandy and the town is  Bayeux. This small town lies on the Aure River, not far from the English Channel. Senior travelers will find it located 16 miles west-northwest of Caen and roughly 166 miles northwest of Paris. Bayeux has deep historic roots stretching back to Roman times.

Bayeux was the first city in France to be liberated in 1944. Although Bayeux is only a short distance from the D-Day invasion beaches of Omaha and Gold, it was spared bombardment during the historic invasion.

Today, it is a sleepy, small town with cobblestone streets lined with small shops and Norman style timbered houses dating from the 17th century. It is home of the famed Bayeux Tapestry that depicts the 11th-century Norman Conquest of England.


This jewel of Romanesque art is displayed behind a glass panel, highlighting the rivalry between Harold and William the Conqueror in 58 detailed scenes and is a document of life in Europe in the middle ages.

Seniors Feast On The Tapestry

The Musee de la Reine Mathilde displays the famous Bayeux Tapestry. This embroidery is 231 feet long and is 19.5 inches wide. The 1000 years old medieval tapestry is without a doubt the world’s most famous embroidery.


It is remarkable both as a source of 11th century history and as a work of art. What I recall most about the tapestry is the illustrated narrative and detail of the costumes, boats, battle armament, horses and architecture.

Small hand-held devices tell you the story as you move along the magnificent display. Some believe that this awesome historical wonder was the work of William the Conqueror’s wife Matilda of Flanders.

 Seniors Learn About Lacemaking


Bayeux lies 4 miles from Normandy Beach where the allies landed and the American Cemetery there is deemed American territory. Bayeux has become a major center in the area as a base for exploring the beaches and other cities in Normandy. It is a beautiful city with lots for seniors to see and do.

TripAdvisor suggests museum visits, shopping, sights and some Bayeux restaurants not to be missed. Lonely Planet suggests that you not miss the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I have personally seen dozens of cathedrals in France and this one sticks out in its glory.


And there’s lacemaking in Bayeux.  I discovered that lacemaking, brought to Bayeux by nuns in 1678, once employed 5000 people.

That industry is long gone, but at the Conservatoire de la Dentelle (lace) you can watch some of France’s most celebrated lacemakers create intricate designs using dozens of bobbins and hundreds of pins.

Senior travelers can walk along medieval streets around the cathedral and view medieval houses, some half-timbered, and many other historic houses of interest.

I think that seniors will enjoy spending time in Bayeux.   -jeb

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Seniors Get Excited About Alghero


I would guess there are some seniors who have no idea where Sardinia is located. Then again, a few may know that it is somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, but perhaps could not easily find it on a map. Well today, get your coffee, we’re going to visit Alghero, Sardinia.

This town of 45,000 inhabitants, lies in the province of Sassari in northwestern Sardinia. The name Alghero comes from the medieval Latin Aleguerium, meaning algae on the coast. Visitors who have been there have found Alghero to be one of the most attractive coastal resorts on the Italian island.

This ancient Catalan burg on the Mediterranean provides an infinite variety of colors and landscapes, sun and year-round mild temperatures plus stories and legends of ancient civilizations. Senior visitors will hear the sound of the ancient Catalan tongue and discover the allure of sailing, hiking, trail cycling, the traditions and flavors of past years mixed in with the tastes of today.


 Seniors Enjoy Fresh Fish and Seafood

Alghero manages to combine its role of tourist city with that of a thriving marina. Senior visitors will find the city to be an epicurean delight tempting your tastebuds.

Alghero is justifiably renowned for its fresh fish and seafood in one of the many fine dining establishments throughout the old town.

Alghero’s port area covers a broad expanse and has bars and cafes on both sides of Via Garibaldi. I invite you to go on YouTube and input Alghero then view an array of videos providing an overview of this historical city.


With its Catalan history it is no surprise to find paella on restaurant menus. An additional popular local specialty is lobster (aragosta). The general standard of cuisine available in Alghero is high and in addition to seafoods, senior tourists will find a full range of other Sardinian delicacies.

Seniors Enjoy The Mystic Of Alghero

Among the cobble-stone streets of the historical center, in the façade of the palaces, among the mullions and the huge ancient wooden doors, is hidden the history, the image, the mystic and identity of Alghero.


I know that my wife and I would enjoy the ancient boardwalks along the panoramic city walls next to the sea. Coffee shops and restaurants animate the ancient streets. Four museums in the heart of the city tell the history,  legends and traditions of an area that has been inhabited for centuries.

The Museo Civico Archeologico (Archeological Museum), Museo del Corallo (The Coral Museum), the Museo Diocesano D’Arte Sacra (Diocese Museum of Sacred Art) and the Museo Casa Manno are not to be missed. Enjoy your time on Sardinia and in the city of Alghero. -jeb


Seniors Enjoy Mediterranean Island

2343390 Cyprus, the third largest island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, has a rich and turbulent history stretching back to antiquity. Although Cyprus is known for its beaches, senior travelers enjoy its  rugged interior and famed wine-growing regions.

Cyprus is separated into a Greek south and Turkish north and the capital city is Nicosia.  Coastal Paphos is famed for its archaeological sites relating to the cult of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, desire and beauty, including ruins of palaces, tombs and mosaic-adorned villas.


If you care to spend 3/4 of an hour, seniors can see what Cyprus is all about with this National Geographic video. You will soon absorb the full flavor of the island. TripAdvisor offers a list of 116 attractions for seniors to see and do on Cyprus.

Seniors Enjoy Cyprus’ Cuisine

Cyprus, known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, has “seduced and inspired generations of travelers: from Mycenean Greeks and invading Persians to sunburnt Crusaders, Ottoman pashas and, latterly, British and Russian expats… each has left their mark.”


The word “Cyprus” also conjures up images of dazzling beaches, shimmering blue seas, endless summers and tables groaning under platters of meze: a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks as a course or as appetizers before the main dish and bottles of sweet chilled wine.

My wife would really enjoy the fresh fruit, herbs, greens, fresh seafood and lean meat dishes served in many fine restaurants on the island. Chefs use a traditional mix of herbs and spices, olive oil and fresh local ingredients. The Cyprus cuisine is Mediterranean in nature and considered by many doctors around the world to be the healthiest diet in the world.

 Seniors Enjoy Cyprus’ History


Nicosia (pop. 200,000), the capital of the island of Cyprus, has incorporated elements of the many empires and kingdoms that have claimed it over centuries stretching back to the Bronze Age. Narrow winding streets lead senior visitors from the Cyprus Museum, with its collection of Neolithic and Roman artifacts, to the thick city wall.

“Cyprus is far more than a lazy beach-time resort; the island is multilayered, like its history, with a compelling culture, lifestyle and landscape, overseen by warm, hospitable people.” Senior visitors will enjoy awesome scenery and hospitable people.

The island is at the crossroads of three continents where East meets West. It’s on my travel bucket list. Perhaps you are ready for an island adventure as well.  Enjoy. -jeb

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