Seniors Fall In Love With Burlington


Burlington, the largest city in the State of Vermont, lies 45 miles south of the U.S.-Canadian border and 94 miles south of Montreal. Burlington has a population of just over 43,000. Senior travelers will find this city right on the eastern shoreline of beautiful Lake Champlain.

Some say the city was named after Richard Boyle, the Third Earl of Burlington. Others claim that the city name honors the politically prominent and wealthy Burling family of New York, so take your pick.

Senior visitors will find the University of Vermont that was founded as a private university in 1791 and famed Vermont Medical Center. The university is home to 9,958 undergraduates, 1,371 graduate students, 459 medical students and 1,364 full- and part-time faculty.

 Seniors Discover a Bike Friendly City In Burlington


Trip Advisor finds that Burlington is one of those places seniors can’t help but fall in love with. Spring and summer come with festivals and outdoor concerts, bike paths, swimming, fishing or just kicking back on the beach.

In the fall, the Burlington Bike Path brings in many folks who enjoy riding bikes through colorful scenery.  Burlington is a city just made for walkers and is a bike-friendly city. There are several bike lanes around the downtown area, and thanks to slow traffic and courteous drivers, getting around Burlington by bike is easy.

The Downtown waterfront and community park with 900 feet of lakeshore, a boardwalk, and benches make it an opportune location  to sit and watch some of the beautiful sunsets that Burlington has to offer. It is also where the Bike Path begins.

 Seniors Visit When The Trees ‘Peak’


Church Street Marketplace in located on the downtown waterfront. An impressive building in Burlington is the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center with its nationally acclaimed exhibits.

If you enjoy viewing totem poles, then take in the world’s tallest filing cabinet in Burlington. 38 feet tall, made of real file cabinets welded on top of each other into a skinny, towering pile.

Learn about life in the 1780s and the interesting career of famous statesman Ethan Allen. A guided tour of his homestead is on an historic site that overlooks the Winooski River offering stunning views and walking trails.

Fall is always a fun time in and around Burlington with its colorful landscape.  Plan your trip around the second week in October when the trees “peak” with a multitude of color.  And enjoy Burlington.  -jeb


Seniors Enjoy Snake River Canyon


Twin Falls Idaho is a popular vacation destination, and one of the most popular places to go for recreation in the Twin Falls area is the Snake River Canyon. Seniors might remember this Canyon, it is perhaps best known for the unsuccessful jump attempt made by Evel Knievel in 1974.

The Canyon is wide, created by the Snake River in Magic Valley. It is widely believed that a flood of nearby Lake Bonneville about 14,000 years ago helped to create the enormous canyon that senior visitors see today.


The Perrine Bridge is a major attraction. The bridge is 486 feet above the river and spans 1,500 feet. It is named after one of the founders of Twin Falls, and agricultural promoter in the area, I. B. Perinne.

Seniors Also Enjoy Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls and the Snake River Canyon Trail are additional popular sites for visitors. The Falls is 212 feet high and about 900 feet wide making it 40 feet higher than Niagara Falls.

The shear beauty of the Falls and the several side falls as well are worth the side trip, about 5 miles east of Twin Falls. Not as wide and as powerful as Niagara, but it does have its own charm and spray and is a popular and historic stop for senior visitors to southern Idaho.

Senior visitors enjoy exploring the sites and activities around Twin Falls… Rock climbing, base jumping, camping, fishing, and site seeing southern Idaho. Base jumping is it is called is an extreme sport that gained popularity around the late 1970′s. Jumpers from around the world call the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls one of their favorite spots.

Seniors Enjoy Natural Attractions and Outdoor Activities


Natural attractions in the area include several waterfalls, including Twin Falls, from which the city takes its name. The history of Twin Falls stretches back more than 10,000 years. Before the area was named Twin Falls by settlers in the early 19th century, it was inhabited by Native American tribes.

In 1959, evidence of human presence, including arrowheads and other tools, were found at a site near the Wilson Butte Cave. Twin Falls as we know it today was settled in the early 1800′s by Robert Stuart and other settlers from the American east coast.

So set your GPS  for southern Idaho and plan to stop for a memorable visit to Twin Falls. Bring your camera along for some great shots.  -jeb


Seniors Discover Tiny Tusayan, Arizona

PHP48B24C33EF190These seniors have traveled around Arizona quite a bit over the past several years in a state that we now call home. I recently input “Best Cities to Visit in Arizona” and low and behold, up came tiny Tusayan.

We had not heard of this small town (pop 600), the closest gateway community to Grand Canyon, located just to the south of the main gate.

I discovered that it is a resort town what was incorporated in 2010. The Grand Canyon National Park Airport is in Tusayan and that brings in a hoard of visitors by air. With both a McDonalds and a renown Steakhouse, senior visitors can stop by for a quick lunch.

Seniors Experience Grand Canyon At The IMAX


With my interests in every I-Max theater in the country, I would make it a point to stop at the National Geographic IMAX theatre to view the half hour presentation of “Grand Canyon, the Hidden Secrets”.

The seven-story, giant screen presentation of the Grand Canyon offers senior visitors an opportunity to experience climbing and rafting through the canyons on-screen. Showtimes are every hour on the half hour. You will be Welcome to Tusayan any time of the year.

For nature lovers enjoy a visit to the National Geographic Visitor Center that operates as a natural and cultural resource, providing information on the parks and wildlife in the area. Small as it be, TripAdvisor beat me there and has some pertinent information for senior visitors on what to see and do in town.


For you hikers, Hermit Trail is the #1 hike in the area. In addition both the Bright Angel Trail and South Kaibab Trail are about three miles long and provide stunning views of the canyon for hikers.

If you enjoy a horseback ride, check out the Grand Canyon Apache Stables and enjoy a leisurely ride through some rugged country scenery. Mountain bikers are welcome with three trails available.

A Natural Wonder Of The World

Tusayan offers a great place to stay, eat and to feel at home while taking in the spectacular vistas of one of the seven natural wonders of the world (The Canyon). Rafting, jeep tours, helicopter tours and mule rides might also “trip your trigger.”

Bring along your camper or a tent and you will find some great places to slow down your life in nearby parks. If you are the adventurous type, drive your RV to this region where you can hike, bike and sleep out under the stars. Enjoy The Grand Canyon State.  -jeb


Seniors Pay A Visit To Calabasas, California


This senior has always loved that name, CALABASAS. I know from my Spanish that it means “pumpkins, or squash” and the name has some real “flavor.


Historians hold the theory that Calabasas is derived from the Chumash word calahoosa. They were a Native American people who historically inhabited the central and southern coastal regions of CaliforniaSo, grab your coffee and let’s look at Calabasas, California.

Calabasas has a population of right at 25,000, and that’s a nice size for California. Not too big…not too small, just right. An affluent city in Los Angeles County,  it lies on Hwy 101 between Thousand Oaks and Sherman Oaks. It is known as the residence of a number of wealthy and famous people.


 Seniors Find One Of The Oldest Gated Communities

The City of Calabasas is the gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in northern Los Angeles County. Most of the public idea of Calabasas comes from the gated community of Hidden Hills, which is actually considered its own municipality.

California is the only place in the country where gated communities have been legally categorized as separate cities. Hidden Hills is one of the oldest gated communities in Southern California.


Calabasas has been around for a long time. The Leonis Adobe, an adobe structure in Old Town Calabasas, dates from 1844 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the greater LA area. The local oak trees are even older; some are reputed to be 700 years old.

The City’s official logo, depicting a red-tailed hawk flying over the Santa Monica Mountains, is a picture of the community’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Beginning in the ’20s,  Calabasas became a filming location, roadside rest stop, and resort town.

 Seniors Find Celebs, Old Town And Cheesecake Factory


Calabasas boasted one of California’s first subdivisions, the artists’ colony of Park Moderne and was only incorporated into Los Angeles County in 1991.

It feels like another world, has its own film festival and trolley service. It is home to the corporate headquarters of The Cheesecake Factory (yum yum!).

I would be remise if I did not mention that the city is the home to Will Smith, the Kardashians, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens.  20 other Celebs also call Calabasas their primary residence.


When I accessed Google for images for this blog, up came photos of huge mansions, Celebs strolling down the street, their expensive automobiles and other city awesome sites. Senior travelers who enjoy visiting upscale communities will enjoy visiting Calabasas.

Old Town features the historic Leonis Adobe and Museum and a fine selection of shops and restaurants. Senior visitors will find a wide variety of attractions to visit near Old Town Calabasas. Sounds like a neat place to me.  -jeb


Seniors Visit Famous Wine Area

La-Rioja-Region-CountryBred La Rioja is a province in Spain, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is Logroño, the region’s largest city. Senior oenophiles know the many fine wines from the La Rioja region.

This area of Spain has over 500 wineries and is internationally famous for the quality of its wines. Rioja ranks as the granddaddy of them all. La Rioja wine exists in seven varieties, four of them red and three white. Plan to take in what many consider the best wine museum in the world at the Dinastía Vivanco in Briones.


As well as wine tasting, a visit to this region also offers a range of activities which take place in and around the vineyards, including horse-riding and hot-air ballooning.  Located in north east Spain along the Ebro River it is protected to the north by the Cantabrian Mountains.

 Seniors Find The Way To Santiago

This region is closely linked to the famous Way of Saint James pilgrim route, (Camino de Santiago) and has a host of cultural attractions. Senior visitors can enjoy adventurous fun like skiing, biking or white-water rafting, while the more leisurely paced will enjoy sipping wine in the region’s lush vineyards, or trekking along the famous pilgrims’ trail to Santiago.

When I lived in Paris I remember many young folks would walk the entire trail from France to Santiago. The monasteries along that way carry high artistic and cultural importance. Close by you will discover the neighboring Basque Country and Navarre regions.


Two well known attractions include the Parque Zoologica Riojanatura and the Calle del Laurel. Laurel Street runs parallel to the Breton de los Herreros, the place where the ancient walls of Logroño stood until it was demolished in 1862. Today Laurel street is a great place for just strolling and shopping.

 Regional Gastronomy And Local Wines, The Greatest

It is here that senior visitors will find some of the greatest red wines in the world, and also some of the best values for older wines. The BBC can fill in your itinerary with a mini-guide of the entire area. For you senior gourmands, the regional gastronomy is outstanding.

Spring and fall are the prime visiting seasons. Late September into October is harvest time. Maybe even bring along your favorite copa and enjoy sipping on the spot. It will be a memorable visit. -jeb


Seniors Enjoy Wells, Maine

signpost Wells, founded in 1643, is the third-oldest town in Maine. The population runs right at 10,000. Senior travelers discover that the town of Wells is the center of coastal southern Maine, north of Ogunquit (love that name)  and just south of Kennebunk. We have all heard that name before as a great hangout spot for George Bush.

Wells Beach is a popular summer destination and you will have a great view of the Nubble Light from the Beach. The Town operates a harbor area that contains a private marina, restaurant and the Wells Harbor Community Park.


Within Wells Harbor, senior visitors can canoe or kayak up the Webhannet River, or paddleboard around the calm waters, or venture out to see through the Wells breakwater.

Wells Harbor is also home to Wells Harbor Park where concerts in the Gazebo are free in summertime, and special events like craft fairs, Chilifest and Harborfest take place every year.

 Seniors Find Historical, Very Old Town

As per most towns all along the East Coast, history abounds. Wells celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2003. The Abenaki Indians called the area Webhannet, meaning “at the clear stream”, a reference to the Webhannet River.


Edmund Littlefield, an immigrant from the wool regions of Titchfield, England, was known as “The Father of Wells.” He constructed the first gristmill and later a woolen mill on the land at Wells on the Webhannet River.

Wells Beach is one of the vacation attractions on the Southern Coast of Maine. Wells hosts four beaches including Moody Beach, Crescent Beach, Wells Beach and Drake’s Island Beach. Wells Beaches stretch for miles, from soft sand dunes, to tidal inlets and marshes.

Senior Nature Lovers Paradise


Wells is a nature lovers paradise, apart from the beautiful beaches. Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farms, a National Estuarine Research Reserve, has seven miles of walking trails that lead senior hikers to salt water marshlands and bird sanctuaries. I just know that yours truly plans to stop in Wells on our drive to Nova Scotia.

The local Chamber notes that “Beautiful and historic Wells continues to be one of the finest family vacation spots anywhere, offering seven miles of coastline.” You can enjoy the ocean and freshly caught lobsters, fish and clams, hiking miles of paths and playing golf.


The town is home to weekly farmers markets. You can pick your own strawberries or apples in season at Spiller Farm or Chase Farms. And ladies, bring along a full purse as the town is sometimes referred to as the Antique Capital of the World, with over 25 antique shops. The Wells Auto Museum houses a collection of over 80 antique and classic cars.

Wells could be easily overlooked as nothing more than a commercial stretch on U.S. 1 between Ogunquit and the Kennebunks. But look more closely—this is a place where people come to enjoy some of the best beaches on the coast.  - jeb


Seniors Stop In Durban

imagesVisitors are flocking to Durban, a top ten South Africa destination. Durban is one of the best places for seniors to visit in all of South Africa.

Durban is a large (3.5 million), bustling city, with a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, thanks to the Indian population.

Located in Durban is the largest Indian community in South Africa who are descendants of laborers brought in by the British to work in the sugarcane fields during the latter 19th century (one of which was a young Mohandas Gandhi).

Find out where to surf in Durban, visit markets or explore the beaches of the Golden Mile, a string of beaches that are protected from shark attacks. The Golden Mile is a main tourist attraction in Durban with a wide stretch of sand that sparkles year round.


Swim or surf while enjoying a sub-tropical sun and warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It is said that Durban is not only South Africa’s third largest city but it’s also among the friendliest.

 Seniors Find Year Round Warm Waters

Durban was first sighted by Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama at Christmas in 1497, while he was searching for a route from Europe to India. He named the area “Natal”, which means “Christmas” in Portuguese.

The city is set on Natal Bay and benefits from year-round warm waters making it one of South Africa’s top vacation spots. Durban is also one of Africa’s busiest and most important ports.


For senior birders, the Umgeni River Bird Park has over 3000 exotic and indigenous birds as well as 4 waterfalls, lush vegetation and several endangered species. More than anything else, the city is a natural paradise known for its gorgeous coastline.

CNN highlights Durban as the “coolest city in South Africa you’ve ever seen. The Promenade, as it is called, stretches along the coast of Durban and is home to many restaurants, pubs, hotels and shops.

Seniors Enjoy uShaka Marine World


Durban has the largest playground in Africa, the uShaka Marine World. In the playground is an aquarium that is one of the five largest in the world. The world class uShaka Marine World has positioned itself as a key attraction on Durban’s Golden Mile bringing together cultures, like no other place in Africa, offering a world of entertainment, excitement, fun and uniqueness.

This development is Durban’s latest ‘must-see’ attraction: a world-class oceanarium/aquarium, penguin, snorkel tank, fun adventure water rides, as well as an 80 meter long shipwreck and a retail section, to mention but a few of the attractions.


South Africa is loaded with super sites and Durban is one of the principle cities senior travelers will want to visit. The Victoria Indian Street Market is very popular with its mosques, temples, exotic shops and restaurants where you can sample some excellent Indian cuisine.

This Slide Show provides a nice overview of what you will experience while in town. The Botanical Gardens in Durban are world famous and if you are “into plants”, like yours truly, you will not want to miss the Gardens. The Moses Mabhida football (soccer) stadium is a new site and brings in sports fans from all over the world.

Senior travelers, a week in Durban could prove to be a trip of a lifetime.  -jeb


Washougal Invites Seniors

xlogo2.png.pagespeed.ic.90QObXX_H1Washougal, Washington with a population of just under 15,000, is a distant suburb of Portland, senior travelers discover. Washougal was officially incorporated on December 4, 1908. Its Mount Pleasant Grange Hall is the oldest continually used grange hall in the state.

It is said that Washougal is the “crossroads to discovery” in the Pacific Northwest.  It is named after a tributary river that flows into the Columbia and the name means “rushing water” in the Chinook dialect.


The Washougal area has one of the oldest histories in the region, dating back to the time when all of the surrounding land was occupied by the Chinook tribe.

Washougal is in the Columbia River Gorge along the Washougal River, which runs right through the town. The Washougal River is one of the premiere Salmon and Steelhead rivers in the state. Seniors, bring along your favorite pole.

Washougal is considered one of the gateways to the Columbia Gorge. Senior outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, rafting the gorge and wind-sailing on the Columbia River.

 Senior Motocross Buffs Take Note


Washougal is world famous as the location of the Washougal MX Park. America’s most scenic raceway was established in 1971 in the rolling hills and green forests of southwest Washington. Only one of three natural terrain raceways in America, Washougal MX Park is used as the backdrop for national races.

Washougal annually hosts a motorcycling event that started in 1971 with a few motorcycle enthusiasts. It now brings over 20,000 participants and fans from around the world. In July, throngs gather to watch daring feats on two wheels, while the roar of engines is heard echoing through the foothills for miles.

Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Columbia River, 10 miles east of Vancouver. The 1,049-acre Wildlife Refuge has been designated as the location for a “Gateway to the Gorge” visitor center.


 Senior History Buffs and Lewis and Clark

Historically, the Washougal area was a major part of the Lewis and Clark’s Corp of Discovery journey. They camped at Cottonwood Beach, just a short walk from the River Heritage Museum, for six days back in 1806.

The Museum is strategically located in downtown Washougal only two minutes from the Columbia River. One mile to the east is the famous Lewis and Clark campsite.

Washougal is a cool small town, with Mount Hood rising up to the east, the Columbia River to the south, the Cascade mountain foothills gently sloping up to the north, and the gorgeous – and noted for its white water rafting – Washougal River running through it.

The amenities run deep as does the fishing in and around Washougal. Plan to spend a few days in Washington State and if your timing is right, you will hear the roar of motorcycles.  Enjoy. -jeb


Seniors Discover the ‘Forest City’


I remember a fellow student at the Sorbonne from London, Ontario. His name was Charlie.  He was my buddy. We spent a lot of time together visiting famous secondary schools in Paris. Senior travelers find London in southwest Ontario, along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

London is at the fork of the non-navigable Thames River, approximately halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The entire metropolitan area encompasses nearly 500,000 people.


The “Forest City as it is called, with its lush green forest and fertile farm land, has a long history, dating back to 1793. The Blackfriars Street Bridge is a famous site that dates to 1875.

It crosses the North Thames River and still today carries a host of pedestrians. It remains the longest (216 ft.) footbridge of its kind in North America. St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica is another “must see” site in town and is famous all over Canada.

Seniors Enjoy Old World Charm


“London is located in the middle of Ontario’s Shakespeare Country and is known for its charming streets, unique attractions and old world charm. Like its British namesake, London is intersected by the River Thames. In keeping with its British traditions, double-decker bus tours depart daily from London’s City Hall.”

The Western Fair, one of Canada’s top fairs, draws over a quarter million visitors each September. Ontario’s frontier heritage is also captured in London. Senior visitors can step back in time at the Fanshawe Pioneer Village reliving life in southwest Ontario from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.


One of the city’s most popular cultural attractions is the Grand Theatre and offers a wide variety of stage productions. London is a city of 39 Festivals to keep senior visitors coming back for more all during the year.

 Canadian Destination Attracts Senior Travelers

The city is loaded with things to see and do and this link can help you find those things to do, where to eat, where to stay, events, sports and a section dedicated just for visitors. You could plan to spend a few days in colorful London in order to take in the many amenities.

Seniors can ride the double-decker buses and enjoy the River Thames, but while London has clearly been inspired by its British namesake, it is a distinctly Canadian destination. Attractions like Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Banting House and Eldon House will captivate senior history buffs. Or indulge yourself with a tour of the Labatt Brewery.

Enjoy this great city. -jeb


Historic Doylestown Attracts Senior Travelers


Doylestown, a borough and the county seat of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has a population of a little over 8,000.  Senior travelers will find Doylestown 27 miles due north of Philadelphia and 80 miles southwest of New York City.

Many feel that the name “Doylestown” was derived from an innkeeper named William Doyle who kept a public house in 1745 known as “Doyle’s Tavern”. Today Doylestown is known as a place for “Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future.”

The Doyle family originally came from France and their name was D’ouilli, but moved to Ireland during the Inquisition. Around 1600 their name was changed to D’oyley and later to Doyle.


Dr. David Hanauer sends us on a photographic journey of Buck’s County and Doylestown. At the very bottom of this link is a short film from 1954 called “Our Home Town” and another focusing on the local Historical Society. I think that senior readers will find this link most interesting.

Seniors Hear of Famous Former Residents

Famous folks have called Doylestown home.  So it was for James Michener, Henry Chapman Mercer (an architect) and Oscar Hammerstein II. Pearl Buck, Margaret Mead and a rock star named Pink  called this borough home as well.


Doylestown was originally the territory of the Lenni Lenape tribe of the Delaware Indians. Doylestown and Bucks County today remain widely regarded as some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. It is classified as one of the best places in the nation to raise a family.

Senior visitors will discover great places to bike and hike, and some fine restaurants in a downtown area lively with attractive small shops. The borough hosts events all year long that bring in folks from all over the county.

Seniors Even Find a Castle


Fonthill, a concrete castle with over 40 rooms, was once the home of Henry Mercer (1856-1930). It is the #1 attraction in Doylestown. Mercer was an archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian and built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints.

Mercer Museum rates high as well. Mercer constructed the building to house his collection of nearly 30,000 pre-industrial revolution tools and artifacts. Mercer began construction of the Museum in 1913 with the help of eight day laborers and “Lucy” the horse. He completed construction in June of 1916.

Take in the “Art & Soul” of Bucks County, the James A. Michener Art Museum. It offers a fine collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings with special exhibitions and showcases several regional artists.


The Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle offer a wide array of programs, events, exhibits and tours. Senior genealogists, you can research your family history in their extensive Library operated by the Bucks County Historical Society.

I encourage you to put Doylestown in your itinerary when you are in eastern Pennsylvania. -jeb

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