Seniors Discover Oberwiesenthal

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Oberwiesenthal is a town and a ski resort in Germany. This world famous winter sports resort is situated in the Ore Mountains in Saxony, on the border with the Czech Republic. Seniors are invited to explore the highest city of Germany and its surrounding scenic beauty.

Whether by the oldest suspension railway, the historical postal coach or the Fichtelberg rail, fun is guaranteed in a town of just over 3,500 inhabitants. Whether by hiking, biking, monster scooter riding or mountain biking, seniors can explare the natural beauty around the Fichtelberg.

A transnational network of hiking is available. Year round events make the area highly attractive. To make your holiday in the Oberwiesenthal Resort even more pleasant, there is a different highlight just waiting for you every week.

Senior bikers, once the sun has melted the snow away, the first rays of the sun bring the shoots in the forest to life again. Mysterious places with small cliffs and untouched mountain meadows invite you to dream and while the day away. Ideal for biking and mountain biking.

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Ski Haven Greets Senior Visitors

Above all else, Oberwiesenthal is a ski haven and is a medium sized ski resort with 7 ski lifts that offers skiers a respectable 994 feet of vertical descent. It was once called the “St. Moritz of Saxony,” Oberwiesenthal has 99 acres of terrain over 14 pistes with a total length of 12 miles. Oberwiesenthal is best suited to intermediate skiers and snowboarders but there is some terrain for beginners and advanced skiers.

During the Cold War era, Oberwiesenthal was renowned as a training ground for young skiers. Athletes from the Erzgebirg have won 30 Olympic medals and 57 world championship titles in the area of winter sports.  The skiing is at relatively low altitude, so snow cover can be variable.

Germany’s highest city, at 3,000 feet above sea level, is known for its healthy air as well as the birthplace of German downhill skiing, Oberwiesenthal itself is now being reborn as a modern resort. For getting there, the nearest airport is in Dresden.

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 I found a great hotel for you to check out in what’s reputed to be Oberwiesenthal’s oldest stone house, which began as a foundry in 1747 and became a hotel and restaurant in 1974.

Here is a personal link of someone who has spent a good amount of time in the ski village. The Erzgebirge region is known to many outside of Germany for its typical Christmas products. Local artisans carve wooden ornaments, candle-angels, creche figures and nutcrackers all year round.

When taking a break from all the skiing, skating and sledding, another favorite pastime is to watch the toymakers and wheelwrights at work. Seniors, plan on some great air, great shopping, super food and a great experience in Oberwiesenthal.  jeb


Seniors Like Hillsborough Township

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Hillsborough Township is not large (pop. 40,00+) but is was rated by Money Magazine as one of the Best Small Towns in America. It is called “The City Created to Escape the City.”  This senior liked that and wanted to know why.

Hillsborough is 11 miles west of Edison and 29 miles southwest of Newark. The town is conveniently located inside the Middlesex – Somerset – Hunterdon metropolitan area. The locals say that the town was named after Lord Hillsborough since the Royal Charter originally created the township of Hillsborough on September 12, 1771.

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Bucolic Hillsborough Township and the surrounding area were first explored by the Dutch back in the middle 17th century. History is alive. Because Clovis-type spear points have been found in Hillsborough, it is believed that early man arrived at least ten or twelve thousand years ago when the mammoth and mastodon still roamed the area.

Artifacts of all of the archaeological periods are present, which indicated continuous occupation until historic times. Do you enjoy visiting old historic building like my wife and I? There are a number of historical buildings within easy access of the town of Hillsborough.

The Hungarian Heritage Museum highlights the Hungarian culture and history. There are several other art galleries in the surrounding area and some great golf courses nearby.

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Senior Travelers Meet the Dukes

There is always something good happening in town. Major draws for tourists are the Doris Duke Mansion and the Duke Farms that  serve as models of environmental stewardship in the 21st century and inspire visitors to become informed stewards of the land.

It is a place of education, enjoyment and research that enhances the environmental health of the region. Senior visitors to the  Duke Farms can bike or hike new trails through a variety of habitats, attend a nature or horticulture program, take an organic gardening class or go on a geocaching adventure.

Joey’s Bar and Grill is a second major attraction in Hillsborough and brings in folks from all over the country. Derwood Farms in Hillsborough is one of three New Jersey farms to mark the official launch of the New Jersey Audubon’s fourth annual S.A.V.E. Sunflower Birdseed season with Free Sunflower Field Tours.

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Somerset County Attracts Senior Visitors

Somerset County is where the action is all around Hillsborough. With more than 75 historic sites, 16,000+ acres of parks and open space, the state’s best medi-spas and some of New Jersey’s top-rated Farm-to-Table restaurants, Somerset County, New Jersey is among the northeast’s most exciting places to visit. Hillsborough is the largest municipality in Somerset County.

Recreation is #1 in Hillsborough with extensive municipal recreation facilities for nature, arts and sports enthusiasts. There are simply oodles of reasons to visit Hillsborough. So drop by on your next visit to New Jersey.

Senior travelers, you will find the town to your liking.  jeb


Mississauga Invites Senior Visitors

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Seniors, welcome to Mississauga, Canada’s 6th largest city, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Diversity and innate beauty make Mississauga a preferred destination.

Mississauga, with a population just over 710,000, is about 19 miles west of Toronto downtown area. Residents of the city are called Mississaugans and Saugans. TripAdvisor joins in with 38 attractions that travelers recommend.

Port Credit is the #1 spot with its wharfs, piers, boardwalks and bodies of water. Senior travelers may enjoy just strolling through the largest park in the city called Erindale. The Park, a large greenbelt with 222 acres, contains picnic facilities and barbecues, a lookout on the old dam and a toboggan hill. The Jack Darling Memorial Park is another area with great facilities and is on a waterfront.

Image 3

Close to Toronto, some people think of Mississauga as a suburb of Toronto; however, as Canada’s 6th largest city and located on the shores of Lake Ontario, it offers diversity and beauty to make any traveler glad they came to visit. Mississauga is rich with arts, culture and heritage.

Seniors Enjoy Historic and Quaint

The city of Mississauga is bound by Oakville and Milton to the west, Brampton to the north, Toronto to the east, and Lake Ontario to the south. Many people who work in Toronto have chosen Mississauga as a place to live, making it   one of Canada’s fastest growing cities.

The Lester B. Pearson International Airport is Canada’s busiest airport. When you visit Mississauga, explore its quaint historic villages and stunning architecture, visit the bustling waterfront and lakefront parks, or inspire yourself with Mississauga’s world-class art and theatre at the Living Arts Centre.

Wikipedia can help you get there and fulfill your appetite with some great restaurant suggestions. So when you are up in the Toronto area, slip on over to Mississauga for a visit to enjoy all that the city has to offer. jeb

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Seniors Enjoy the City Of Pau

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Pau is a commune on the northern edge of the Pyrenees, capital of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Département in Aquitaine, France. The French author Alphonse de Lamartine said: “Pau has the world’s most beautiful view of the earth just as Naples has the most beautiful view of the sea.”

A colleague of mine at the University spent a year as an exchange teacher in Pau. He loved every moment and has been back innumerable times for a visit. Pau received the distinctive four-flower designation, and features more square feet of greenery per capita than any other city in Europe. Senior visitors will find Pau to be a fairly small (85,000) and quiet city.

Its best features are some of its historic attractions such as the history-rich and impressive Chateau de Pau. This superb royal residence is above all the birthplace of Henry IV, King of France and Navarre.The building perpetuates the homage and legend of the first king of the Bourbon dynasty.

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It has been classified as a National Museum and provides senior visitors with nearly 800 years of history. Pau is mainly a spa and tourism center and stands on the edge of a plateau. The town’s boulevard des Pyrénées, more than 1 mile (1.6 km) long, is situated high above the valley and offers a magnificent panoramic view of the mountains.

Seniors Join British HolidayMakers

TripAdvisor finds 20 special attractions for senior travelers to insert into your itinerary during your visit.  An attractive casino is in town. And Pau is a short hour drive to the sea and the Spanish border. It is also literally surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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The Brits love it in the south of France and the city has been a popular spot for British holiday makers since the mid 19th century. An unmistakable air of Englishness hovers over this elegant town in the foothills of southwest France’s Pyrénées. Its population observes some English traditions, such as afternoon tea.

Wellington and his troops were among the first Britons to fall for the mild climate, swiftly followed by countless others. At times senior visitors feel that they are in a Victorian seaside town, but with snow-capped mountains as an enchanting backdrop.

Attracted by its gentle climate and lovely setting, the British built various villas and stately homes. Some suggested that wintering in Pau could cure various ailments. You will keep busy with things to see and do in Pau and its climate is one good reason to check out the city.

So when you cruising around southwest France, spend some time in Pau. jeb


Travel With Your Grandkids


Have you considered taking a trip with your grandkids,  seniors, perhaps a weekend hiking trip, a day trip, a cruise, Disney Land? 

We have friends who have taken their granddaughter to Disney Land. We know of a grandma who took her granddaughter to Ireland to visit family and ancestral towns.

Hiking friends of ours have taken their grandsons on hiking weekends. My sister-in-law and her husband were invited to go to Disney World with their children and grandchildren for the purpose of helping with the grandchildren in the park.

And so I’ve found a few websites that will help grandparents find fun destinations for a trip with their grandkids. You will note that these sites are designed for family travel, but they will work just as well for Grandparent travel.

The Family That Plays Together…

Image 4

Thomson Family Adventures will take you and your grandchildren all over the world. Believe it or not there is even a URL entitled “” and it, too, is loaded. Seniors will also find lots of help from The Travel Channel  on these hot spots.

And then there are seniors who choose to take the entire family on a trip…children and grandchildren. My sister-in-law and her husband spend a week on a lake in Minnesota with their children and grandchildren. They have made this an annual celebration of family time. We have spent time in the Dominican Republic with our children and grandkids.

Trip Advisor calls their site the “Best Family-Friendly Vacation – Anywhere” and I agree that it would be hard to top their choices. Consider a great vacation in Chicago.

 Seniors Seek Multigenerational Attractions

This is a fun site to check out with additional Read On links, and they are all state-side. I’m a little bias when it comes to Phoenix since I now live in the area. Come on down and see for yourself. Check out Camelback Mountain, the Phoenix Zoo and Chase Field. Spend a day at the Cubs Training Camp in Mesa. There are great hiking trails in the desert. “The Family That Plays Together…”

That should do it for today folks.  Have fun planning some special time with your grandkids. jeb


Seniors Head North

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Anchorage is located in south central Alaska along the shores of Cook Inlet at the base of the Chugach mountains. Only a third as large as Tongass National Forest, its twin in the Southeast Alaska, Chugach is still the second-largest national forest in the country and an impressive area of forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and glaciers. Anchorage is the entry point for many Alaska senior visitors, who fly in to board a cruise ship or climb into a rental car and never look back. 

It’s population of approximately 280,000 makes it by far the largest city in the state holding about 40% of all the state’s citizens. Anchorage, recognized as a four-time All-American City, is surrounded by spectacular wilderness.

Image 46

A diverse wildlife population exists in urban Anchorage and the surrounding area. At least 250 black bears and 60 or more grizzly bears live in the area and are regularly sighted within the city.

Many Alaskan adventures begin right in Anchorage. The majestic mountains, glistening glaciers and crystal-clear streams and lakes beckon for exploration. Explore the rich culture of Alaska’s first people and feel their pride. Anchorage remains true to its heritage while forging ahead with revolutionary new sites and museums.

Senior Bikers Take Note

Anchorage is a pedestrian- and bike-friendly city. Downtown Anchorage’s flower-lined streets are easily explored on foot, and several businesses rent bicycles. The restaurants in Anchorage are extraordinary, and senior visitors can find all kinds of dining options that are sure to please even the most well-tuned palate. Savor the taste of fresh Alaska seafood.

Image 43

Senior visitors don’t have to go looking for breathtaking scenery in Anchorage; it is everywhere, and will surprise you at every turn. The horizon is glorious, and the mountains and ocean create magnificent backdrops.

Anchorage is a cosmopolitan city that has its own symphony and ballet. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Shoppers will discover unique native Alaskan arts and crafts. Anchorage is the place to tap into your sense of adventure.

It is often said that those who settle into Alaska, do not want to come back stateside, it is so full of adventure. That’s true. Nearly everything in Anchorage was built in the last few decades. An Anchorage home dating from the 1950s almost merits historic status.  Anchorage has grown steadily to become the business, cultural, and distribution center of Alaska.

Anchorage got its start with the construction of the federally built Alaska Railroad, completed in 1917, and traces of the city’s railroad heritage remain today. Anchorage’s central location, relatively mild climate, and excellent transportation system make it a natural place to begin or end a trip.

Let’s put it on our travel bucket list and head north to Alaska. jeb


Seniors Get High in the Scottish Highlands

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The Scottish Highlands are known by the locals as simply The Highlands. An inspiring region of magnificent mountains, enchanting lochs and sandy beaches, the Scottish Highlands is the rugged northern and north-western portion of Scotland.

This is the Scotland conjured up by visions of tartan, kilts, Bonnie Prince Charlie and all. Discover wonderful wildlife, local produce, outdoor activities and historic attractions, all set against world-renowned landscapes. The Highlands of Scotland boast the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis.

Image 30

You will discover a huge variety of landscapes and an area loaded with history. The city of Inverness is generally regarded to be the capital of the Highlands. Outside the main cities, the sights are subtle, but the misty glens, brooding countryside castles, and warm culture are plenty engaging. Whether toasting with beer, whisky, or a can of Irn-Bru soda, senior travelers will enjoy meeting the Scottish people.

Seniors Meet History & Battlefields 

The Highlands make up a beautiful and inspiring region with a fascinating history and ancient landscapes. The hills, glens, wild coastline of Scotland’s Highlands and Islands offer the ultimate escape – one of the last corners of Europe where seniors can discover genuine solitude.

Image 29

Explore famous lochs, breathtaking beaches and magnificent glens. Witness battlefields and ancient monuments, admire local arts and crafts, and marvel at the beauty of a remarkable range of wildlife.

The region became culturally distinguishable from the Lowlands from the later Middle Ages into the modern period, when Lowland Scots replaced Scottish Gaelic throughout most of the Lowlands.

The Scottish Highlands are rugged and beautiful, however, since they are so mountainous, the some 250,000 people who live there are spread out quite sparsely in the area. The Highlands are one of the best places to go for Scottish Culture since it is distinctly different from the rest of Scotland – the highland communities have a much stronger sense of their inherited culture than the lowlands and many highlanders still speak the Gaelic language.

Castles, Loch Ness And Hiking Adventure

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Senior visitors can explore castles and visit museums, take a boat trip or train ride. The famous Loch Ness is situated in the highlands. If you’d like something more adventurous, you might try a hiking tour amid the velvet hills and craggy peaks of Scotland’s western edge.  Saints and kings have passed through the area, clans and armies have clashed, and poets and rebels have sought refuge.

There is no end of things for senior visitors to do in the highlands and you will find each an adventure starting with a castle visit. A large number first-time visitors return again and again.  Enjoy your time in the Highlands folks.  jeb


Seniors Discover “The Unspoiled Queen”

Image 21

Yours truly has discovered a new island to visit: Saba. Traveling to Saba Netherlands Antilles from her neighbor St. Maarten is just the beginning of your senior adventure.

The Netherlands have been firmly in possession of the island of Saba, since the early 19th century. The island of Saba, pronounced “SAY-ba” rises majestically from clear azure waters. Saba is like no other Caribbean destination. It mainly consists of the remains of a potentially-active,  yet dormant volcano named Mt. Scenery.

The population of Saba is around 1,500 residents spread into four major villages and includes the 200-300 medical students attending the famous Saba University of Medicine.  Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught within a moment, and the moment within which she’s captured you ask?

Image 20

The old Caribbean… safe, friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline. The locals are downright friendly and genuine, so it’s easy for seniors to fall into the pace of island life. 

At Windwardside, Mount Scenery is the major attraction. At 3,000 feet, Mount Scenery is the highest point on the mountainous island of Saba and can be reached via a difficult hike through the rainforest. Most revenues come from tourism and the sea. There are plenty of good comfortable accommodations to be found on Saba with a surprising number of quality restaurants as well.

Orchids, Birds And Fish Catch Senior’s Eye

You will love all the wild orchids and the 60 species of birds that inhabit the island. For you divers, 200 kinds of fish swim near its shores. Saba offers a level of diversity that seems impossible given its extremely small size. This little-known speck of land is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations in all of the Caribbean.

Image 23

The entire island has an 18th century feel to it and life moves at a slow and leisurely pace that senior visitors enjoy. Read this Saba travel guide for additional specs. Small yes, at just 13 sq km, Saba is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean.

TripAdvisor suggests 28 things for senior visitors to see and do on the island. Since you are on the ocean, you can swim, snorkel, dive, sail, go fishing, try scuba or sea-trek, parasailing, banana boating. If you plan to rent a car in Saba, be aware you will be driving on the left.

Okay divers, ahoy there.  SeaSaba is the Dive Center that brings in divers from every nation. Saba is famous for its numerous scuba diving venues, eco-tourism opportunities, lobster fishing, a distinct lack of commercialism, and a relaxing, isolated solitude. Saba is the land of towering crags, rain forests and the famous ‘road that could not be built’.

What makes Saba such a magical experience is that it is far away from the cares and worries of today’s hurried world. So learn to say “SAY-ba” and head off for a great adventure in the Caribbean.  jeb


Seniors In Awe Of The Geirangerfjord

Image 11

Geiranger is the crown jewel of the Norwegian fjords. It is one of Norway’s top tourist attractions and the Geirangerfjord, is world famous. Geiranger is a small settlement of some 300 inhabitants most of whom now earn their living through tourism and related activities.

The 10-mile-long, 960-foot-deep Geirangerfjord’s most stunning attractions are its roaring waterfalls. The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most popular sights. Geiranger is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet.

A fjord is a narrow inlet of the ocean into the mainland. Although Geirangerfjord is not unique, its beautifully curved shape, fertile yet steep and unspoiled walls, elegant waterfalls and tiny farms on mountain shelves makes a visit to Geiranger or a cruise on the fjord a great experience.

Image 4

Of all of their elements of natural strength and beauty, Geirangerfjord is perhaps the best known, the “Diva” of all Norwegian fjords. The Geirangerfjord offers senior visitors three breathtaking waterfalls hitting the fjord on both sides of the waterway: The Seven Sisters with seven falls, the Bridal Veil, and the Suitor.

The area’s unique natural surroundings were created during the last ice age, when glaciers carved out deep fjords and shaped the high mountains.

 Seniors Discover Fairytale Landscape In Norway

The picture of the elegantly twisting Geirangerfjord with the tiny village at the end is perhaps the image most associated with Norway. It is a fairytale landscape with its majestic, snow-covered mountain tops, wild and beautiful waterfalls, lush green vegetation and the deep, blue fjord.

Image 6

There are no roads or major man-made objects along the fjord. The Geirangerfjord is unique and exceptionally beautiful and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, together with the Nærøyfjord.

It rates tops with National Geographic as well. The fjords of Norway are often thousands of feet deep, so even very large modern cruise ships sail up the Geirangerfjord to Geiranger. More than 100 cruise ships visit Geirangerfjord during summer, making Geiranger a top cruise port in Norway.

Each year, hundreds of thousands tourists flock to this area. The 68 kilometer long road between Geiranger and Trollstigen is one of 18 tourist routes in Norway.  Along the side of the fjord, there are a number of now abandoned farms.

Looks to me like a great place to visit. How about you?  jeb


Fast Car Seniors Land In Modena

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Modena (pop. 177,000), in north central Italy, sits on the Panaro River. Modena is known all over the world, for its fine wine, excellent dining, and is one of the wealthiest and most progressive city in Italy.

Forty-eight miles of bicycling roads, sixteen movie theaters and twenty-five vast libraries are just a few of the points that make Modena a senior travelers hotspot.

Modena is best known as “the Capital of Engines” or “Super Car Capital” in Italy. It is home to Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Sports cars are in evidence in Modena, but modern automobiles won’t be your focus as you stroll through the heart of the old city.

Image 15

Head first to the pulsating Piazza Grande, a busy plaza ringed with the Modena Cathedral, one of the main attractions of Modena. The Ghirlandina Tower also referred to as the Torre Della Ghirlandina is the famous bell tower of the Cathedral of Modena.

Seniors Go For the Food

Great Italian food: The top 20 Michelin-Starred Cities in the World are in Italy and Modena ranks number twelve. One of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world is Osteria Francescana. Voted fourth best in the world by Restaurant Magazine, Italian Chef Massimo Bottura was Awarded the “Nobel Prize” of Gastronomy.

 Modena is an amazing city. It still shows the signs of the main eras through which it developed in the Middle Age, the Renaissance and the Baroque period. An old Etruscan settlement, the city was the site of a Roman colony called Mutina, founded in early 2BC.

Image 49

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is near Modena. Well-known worldwide for such icons as Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti, and gastronomical products such as tortellini, Lambrusco wine, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar, Modena has become a rich, advanced city in Europe.

Senior visitors will enjoy 27 attractions. The town center has wide arcaded streets and large squares, and the old fortifications have given place to beautiful avenues and gardens.

Modena is also famed for its artistic and cultural treasures such as the Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Palace of Museums, and the Este Gallery.

Seniors Enjoy Affluent City

The Biblioteca Estense houses historical volumes and 3000 manuscripts. Do some strolling in this affluent city and World Heritage Site and you’ll find a lively medieval center, thick with market stalls, vibrant piazzas and impressive palazzi.

Image 23

Balsamic vinegar is the prize of Modena. The Balsamic Vinegars of Modena originate strictly from grapes of vines found in the province of Modena. This special vinegar is added to a multitude of Italian dishes and has a taste like no other.

There is so much to enjoy in Modena and senior tourists flock to the region all year long. jeb

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